FINGERS OF THE HAND, emotional and spiritual meaning

The fingers are the moving parts of the hands, which allow us to make many movements, manage hands, grasp and be able to act with precision.
The fingers represent the ends of our actions, help us to be precise in the details (implementation, work, action).
Whenever we cut, burn, we use a finger, not by chance, but it is the release of an internal tension.
Basically, if anything happens to me on a finger means that I feel devalued. 

Something or someone that makes me feel less in relation to how I do things, how to work, how I manage, etc. 

And this of course, the most the meaning of each finger.
The fingers generally represent emotional wounds, anger myself, mental conflict and guilt, related to my daily life, with simple and circumstantial facts.
People who have finger injuries are more often perfectionists; these figures give great importance and much cling to details.

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  1. Unknown

    wow my thumb on the right hand is painful and looks swollen and distorted ?? not sure if i even did something? don't think so, but i have been feeling "off" like my switch is off, NOTHING!!!! reading this does make sense to me so thank you for that! i do have problems with my aging mother and have no control over her decisions, i personally feel i have no direction in life right now, IN LIMBO, so all this info is helpful.

  2. Lily

    Hi, thanks for the article. : ) I know the previous comment is from 2018, but I can completely relate to it! I woke up this morning with a swollen index finger that hurts when I bend it, and can’t recall any injury (although I do sleep in strange positions sometimes…lol) But just yesterday evening there was an unexpected and upsetting emotional event that involved my aging mother, and also with a guy I’m involved with, both of whom I’ve had issues with for a while. A previous article I read said that the index finger can be associated with anger, resentment and blame. So this makes a lot of sense to me! Lately I’ve been dealing with feelings of hopelessness and lack of direction, and some financial issues also. In addition to waking up with the swollen finger, also had some extremely vivid dreams involving a ship I was in being flooded with water, which I know can symbolize strong emotions. I guess it’s time to truly focus on forgiveness of self and others for healing and inner peace. Blessings