INDEX FINGER, emotional and spiritual meaning

It represents my relationship with others, my criticism of others.

It is the finger with which I show my power, my security, my strength.

As well as my authority and my independence, it is the one that orders and directs.

The index is used to point out, accuse, scold, give orders or to try to make someone understand something.

It also expresses to us the way in which I submit to the orders of others, my way of obeying, my judgments and the way in which I accuse others.

It represents our “Ego”, we use it to show our convictions, our point of view and also to issue a criticism.

“I must justify myself in my role”

This finger marks our strength, our character and our decision-making power.

When we suffer some damage, it can indicate that we have had a problem related to authority or, with what authority means to us.

Perhaps we have lost our leadership, someone has subdued us, or our independence and security are shaking.

We are experiencing something that causes us fear. Someone is misjudging us.

It can also manifest our difficulty to say things, to affirm our point of view.

They may express the fear of being criticized or judged or of issuing a criticism.

It may also indicate that we are abusing certain authoritarianism in our task or in our efforts to lead others.

Or that our authoritarian tendency has been counteracted, or that we feel pointed out who represents the authority.

It is connected with the sense of smell.

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