THE RING FINGER, emotional and spiritual meaning:

The ring finger represents my commitments or my fear of commitment and also my obligations. It is related to the signing and closing of contracts, start or conclusion of projects. “I made a commitment, but I don’t want to keep it”, “I can’t break this contract, this promise I made”, “They didn’t keep the promises they made to me”

It can also tell us that something related to legal contracts is not going well or that some commitment that we are going to make is not good for us. “I have been betrayed”

It also refers to moments of change in my life, change of name, surname, home, work, etc. “I can’t change my path, I already committed to this”, “I don’t feel capable of achieving something new if I don’t have someone’s approval”

It is the finger of union, of the bond between two people, a sentimental couple, a business partner, etc.

I can have problems if there is no harmony in my intimate life or in union with other people, because I feel devalued or they have not been loyal to me or, perhaps, I have not been loyal and I feel guilty, etc.

Likewise, it can tell me that some sentimental union may be about to break or, I have suffered a separation. Somehow it warns me that I have a certain difficulty to unite, to unify my environment, to establish an alliance.

It is related to the sense of sight.

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