The third TOE, emotional and spiritual meaning


The third toe (heart): trauma or stress on this finger means that it is very difficult for us to find stability and balance in our relationships, so we are afraid to continue forward.

They are generally “communication problems”, of communication circulation with our collaterals, it is not spoken clearly, we do not say things to each other, and so on.

“But don’t tell my cousin”,

“My boyfriend didn’t say anything to me last night”,

“My sister did not notify me in time”

Maybe I never express what I think or what I feel; or maybe I always say what others want to hear and refrain from communicating vehemently.

Maybe I cause misunderstandings because I never know how to explain myself or because I misinterpret the words of others.

“But don’t tell my cousin”,

“My boyfriend didn’t tell me anything last night”,

“My sister didn’t tell me in time”

I must learn to react, behave and speak differently.

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