The fourth toe, emotional and spiritual meaning

This toe is related to the gallbladder.

If a problem has happened to me with this finger, I should look for situations of injustice, resentment, repressed anger in relation to the mother and/or collateral.

Someone has done an injustice to me. It may have happened in my family, at school, at work, etc.

This is a situation in which I have felt unfairly qualified or evaluated.

Or, perhaps, I have been accused of something I have not done or said.

“Why do you say that to my sister, if you already know how she is”,

“I get along well with all my brothers, except Ramón”,

“My work colleagues did not invite me to their meeting”.

“Who understands my father, he first gave me permission and then he told me no”,

“I hate myself for the way I express myself”,

“What my wife told me hurt me”,

Am I tolerant or, on the contrary, do I want others to act, think or feel in a certain way?

Am I envious and vengeful? Is it hard for me to forgive? Am I possessive in life?

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