FALLOPIAN TUBES, emotional and spiritual meaning

They are the ones that carry the eggs from the ovaries to the uterus.
Being the meeting place of the ovum (female) and the sperm (male) to create a new being, if one or both tubes are blocked, it means that the woman prevents the union between the masculine and feminine principles of her. 
This attitude will negatively affect her ability to create her life as she wishes and her relationship with men.
The most common problem is a blocked tube or two.
They are almost always related to conflicts with sexual connotations:
“I do not agree to have sexual relations”, “Sex is not to my liking”,
“Men only want me for sex”, “I will not let this man get me pregnant”,
“For me sex is dirty, it’s a disgusting thing”, “I am not willing to enjoy sex, I ask for love”, “I find it difficult to enjoy sex, I prefer not to have it”, “It is difficult for me to relate to men.”

When there are problems in the mucosa of the tubes or in the muscle, it means that we are living or have experienced some sexual misconduct: (rape, touching or sexual insults).

“My partner forces me to get pregnant and I don’t want to”, “I cannot accept a sexual relationship because it is linked to something unbearable”
In the same way, it may be due to offenses we have suffered on a sexual level: (my best friend took my husband away from me or I get promoted when I sleep with the boss).
Likewise, it can be a situation that is too disgusting, unpleasant, dirty and cruel, related to sexuality, for example: my son, my husband or my employee is a rapist, harasses minors, etc.

It is necessary to review conflicts of rapes or incest that occurred in the family tree.

Salpingitis: It is an inflammation or infection of a tube.
He warns us that he has been able to live something dirty or that he has felt sexually assaulted. “I cannot accept a sexual relationship”
It can also refer to feeling repressed anger at unfulfilled wishes to have children.
In the same way, she tells us about feelings of guilt and anger at having broken a relationship with a man with whom she did not feel happy but whose union was based on family conditioning.

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