CHLOASMA or pregnancy mask, emotional and spiritual meaning

Chloasmas, also known as melasma or “pregnancy mask”, are dark, brown or grayish spots that appear on the face especially during pregnancy.
They usually appear on the cheeks, forehead, nose and upper lip, and less commonly around the eyes.
The skin darkens to protect itself from sun contact. 

Symbolically the sun is associated with the father; the skin is related to contact and the face to our image. 

Therefore, it is an attempt to avoid contact with the father, because it can affect our image.
What conflict of contact do I have with my father or the father of my child?
The conflict may refer to excess, defect, non-existent or bad contact.

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  1. Charityaprill

    This is the first time I have come across anything that has identified what this is. I developed this about 8 years ago right around the time my husband said we could start a family, and I had just gotten an IUD put in a couple of months prior. We never did end up even trying or talking about it again after that except once when I brought it up and he said we weren’t ready for that and got upset and that was the end of it. I also developed a rash on my ring finger shortly after that and a callous on the palm of my right hand and bottom of my right foot. I still have the dark spots and the callous on my hand. At first it itched like crazy for years but now it only gets itchy once in a great while and not too bad. And it peels sometimes and is smaller, but still there. Currently I am separated from my husband but for some reason I feel it’s difficult to fully let the marriage go even though I feel my opportunity to have a family of my own was taken from me. Any insight into this would be amazing.