HALITOSIS (bad breath), emotional and spiritual meaning

When bad breath does not come from a specific pathology, tooth decay, stomach problems, etc.,
its cause is found in the emotional part.

Symbolically, bad breath, as happens with some animals, serves to keep others away, probably due to some past experience related to having received some kind of abuse at the level of the mouth, almost always linked to forced kisses or other similar experience that has not been healed.

It manifests itself when someone has felt hurt and has great inner pain left.
The bad smell is due to the accumulation of unhealthy thoughts of hatred, anger and revenge, directed towards who has caused the damage.
Halitosis tells us that our attitudes towards others are not entirely correct.
It manifests itself in people who frequently murmur about others and not always with good intentions and who tend to think badly of everything, of situations, of people, etc. 
These are individuals who are easily angered, spiteful, and who have a thirst for revenge.
The fetid breath can also be the means that a person has to exhale the disgust that he feels, for some badly digested situation, and of which he cannot speak.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
Every time we feel hurt, we should sit and contemplate our hurt with acceptance.

We must not pay attention to who offends us because it is only a channel that sets in motion the energy of our wound that was latent inside us, waiting to be manifested so that we feel it and we can heal it.

The practice of forgiveness towards those people we have accused and towards ourselves for the thoughts of revenge and separation, will allow us to heal the wound.
With acceptance and with absolute responsibility for our feelings.

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