TENSION HEADACHE, emotional and spiritual meaning

The headache is an oppressive pain like a hoof on the head. It usually affects both halves and usually begins with the forehead. 
Unlike migraine headaches, those affected are not bothered by noise or light.

Primary headaches respond to the difficulty of solving a problem through the intellect.

As it is necessary to provide more nutrients to the brain, vasodilation occurs.
People prone to headaches are those who hide negative things, want to erase problems, that is, they act as if nothing is wrong, which places them out of reality.
They live their dramas like everyone else, but their defense system consists of denying everything, so as not to suffer. “At the end of the day it is not so serious, it is not worth worrying about or getting bitter about it…”
They affect intellectual, very mental, rigid people who continually try to show everyone that they are perfect and that nothing “bad” ever happens to them and, furthermore, they have a great desire to improve and do not conform easily .
Cluster headaches: It is a pain that affects one side of the head and can manifest tearing of the eyes, drooping eyelids and nasal congestion.

It warns us of a situation of powerlessness and intellectual devaluation in the clan or in the group.

“I devalued myself by putting my face for someone of my clan.”
It is very important for headache sufferers to be aware of their denials; they need to be aware of stress and accept and express their emotions and internal conflicts.

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