KIDNEY, emotional and spiritual meaning

The kidneys are the organs in charge of eliminating nitrogenous waste from the blood (urea, uric acid, etc.) and they also actively participate in the evacuation of foreign substances introduced into the body (medicines, toxic substances absorbed with food, etc.)
They also maintain acid-base balance and blood pH and form some hormones, especially renin, which is involved in maintaining blood pressure.
Lastly and, especially, they regulate everything that has to do with liquids in the body, which is why one of their messages indicates a lack of balance on the emotional level.
The kidney is the organ “carrier” of the fundamental structures of the person. In them vitality, energy (physical and sexual), and fears are reflected. 
They tell us about our ability to stand up,
“Have solid kidneys”, to face the pressures of life, to find balance, good sense, to know how to choose and make the right decisions, to find stability in life and relationships.
To the Chinese the kidney is related to the ancestors, with the ancestral energy.

When we present any symptoms related to the kidneys, it indicates that we are experiencing a conflict of fear of losing or fear of not feeling part of something, family, country, etc.

Generally speaking, the kidneys are linked to the coexistence; we have with other people and the way we communicate with them.
If we live in a situation with someone that means “a problem” to us, our kidneys will hurt.
Collecting tubules: When we present any symptoms related to collecting tubules, it means that we are experiencing a conflict of “total loss”, focused on the material or the sentimental.
My life has collapsed: I may have experienced the loss of my means of existence, for example: my business collapsed or my house was flooded or burned and I lost everything.
“Everything falls apart”
Perhaps because of feeling abandoned, for having lost my roots, my references or deepest values.
For example, after a situation of abrupt separation, divorce, because the father became an alcoholic or has died, etc.

I am in a permanent struggle for existence.

“Life is too hard, this is too much, and this is not life”,
“I no longer have anyone”
Likewise, I can also find myself abruptly faced with a social, family void, etc., and I feel fear for the future. 
This usually happens to immigrants, refugees or in situations of war, floods, etc.
“The earth sinks under my feet.”
Renal parenchyma (nephrons):
If any symptoms related to the renal parenchyma appear, it means that we are experiencing a literal conflict with “water” (real) or other liquid and, always linked to a feeling of “collapse”.
It can be linked to a situation where I felt fear due to a liquid, rain, floods, milk, alcohol, chemotherapy, urine, etc.
For example: I was close to drowning or my house was flooded.
Feeling of “I am worth nothing.”
Albuminuria: Elimination, loss of internal balance.

We miss something important for our balance (references), and we do it in front of our noses even though we don’t want to see it.

“I did not manage to position myself in a reasonable and valid way with respect to my greates aspirations and/or values ​​in the family clan”
Arterial hypertension: It manifests after a conflict related to a liquid coupled with an experience of injustice.
“I am disappointed in love and therefore I close my heart”
Renal calyx: if it is affected, it tells me about a problem related to the intention of “marking” a distant territory or with the project of marking it.
Kidney cancer: When kidney cancer manifests, we have necessarily experienced a very strong conflict in relation to “feeling unable to internally mark our territory” or related to “not knowing which side we should take”
It can be triggered after a situation of deep fear after an existential conflict of abandonment, disappointment or betrayal. 
Example: my partner has never come to love me the way I love her.

My brother demands that I support him in a lawsuit against our father, but I cannot do this to my father.

Cancer can also appear after having suffered a self-devaluation conflict related to water or a liquid (ice, milk, oil, urine, alcohol, oil, etc.), which was present at the time of the drama.
It can refer to the loss of a territory due to flooding, bombardment, rain, etc.
“I have lost everything”
People with kidney problems show a lack of judgment or an inability to make decisions about their needs.
They feel incapable and even powerless, either in what they set out to do or in relation to other people.
On an emotional level, they are very concerned about others.
In addition, they have a tendency to idealize a situation or a person and become frustrated when their expectations are not met.

Deep down, they have an urgent need to be recognized, especially by their family. 

They feel the need to like everyone.
However, they easily criticize others or situations, accusing them of being unfair.
In summary, the kidney is the center of our deepest fears, but there is a difference that distinguishes it from other organs: in the kidney, conflicts are “repetitive” (minimal repetitive conversion), when any symptoms appear it is because a long time that we are enduring the same situations.
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  1. Anonymous

    This definitely resonates with me. Thank you for the information!

  2. Unknown

    Wow, all true! All of it! I will get busy letting go of judgment of others and of myself, of believing that I am broken and am not powerful enough, and that I am not worthy of love. I release others to live as independent, free, and even beautiful beings! I choose to focus on my memories of endurance against incredible odds and use them for proof that I can be amazing through my own natural power with which my Creator infused me at my conception as part of my unique personality! Because I did not make me and my natural parents did not even know when I came into existence, I have to assume that God created me, which means that I am even MORE than just "good enough"!

  3. hlhinsley

    Thank you! My pain is easing up as I read the wisdom offered.

  4. Joman Romero

    I'm glad.Regards

  5. Saskia

    Feeling powerless is definitely a theme for me at the moment and I've developed a kidney issue. I will be focusing on reclaiming my inner power. Thanks

  6. The Crayon Fairy

    I'm curious about the meaning of a very backed up lymphatic system that has caused 80 lbs of weight gain. The only thing I can put my finger on is that the kidneys aren't functioning properly. I was hoping to correct the emotional and spiritual cause since no medical intervention or any diet has helped. 🙂

  7. Joman Romero

    Hi, you have probably experienced an abandonment conflict that is causing you to be insecure and unprotected. Surely, you have experienced several since childhood.