NOSE disease, emotional and spiritual meaning



The nose is the organ through which the air enters, the one that allows me to breathe, to inhale life. 
Therefore, all breathing problems are directly related to my difficulty in feeling alive, happy.

The nose analyzes the air it inspires (smells) and informs me about the pleasant or the hostile nature of the environment. 

Through smell I can feel and perceive beings and situations.
Any symptom tells me that I am living in an environment that I dislike or that I am enduring situations that I do not want to live.
The nose symbolically represents power (the ability or inability to take the lead in personal or social life).

It is related to the recognition I have about myself and my intuition (having a nose for business, smelling a problem from afar, realizing that an issue smells bad).

Similarly, it also represents the personality (the image that one show of oneself), pride, sexuality, curiosity, inspiration and spirituality.
Nose smell: As with the ears, the nose cannot be closed either.
In the animal world, smell is a crucial sense.
Smells warn of the presence of dangers (predators, toxic substances, etc.). 
By smell, they expose themselves to be recognized, discover identity, belonging to the other (body odor, aroma, etc.), detect the situation of the prey, recognize good and bad foods and receive sexual messages (pheromones).
Olfactory conflict: I refuse to relate more.

I want to get away from the world around me. I don’t want to smell anyone.

Pestilence situation: (to be working in a place or next to a person whose smell we cannot bear).
What a stench! That smells bad!
Nose mucous: “I want to get rid of the smell. I can’t stand her smell or her presence anymore!
Anguish conflict: This is a fear/apprehension conflict.
“It smells bad because of me”
Conflict of territory: “I smell danger, the predator” “What are they up to?
They are talking about me?
Olfactory paranoia: They hide something from me, they are conceited.
Conflict of fear/mistrust: Danger is ahead or around.
“I want to separate myself from the bad smell, so that it does not affect me”
“I want to move away the world that surrounds me, I don’t want to smell it and that is why I diminish my sense of smell”

Bones of the nose: They indicate that we have experienced a situation of olfactory devaluation with respect to the marking of my territory.

“I have not known, or I have not been able to smell how the aggression reaches my territory”
Nose bone fracture: It tells us that we have experienced a great existential devaluation at the olfactory level related to my being or to a territory of my own.
You can also tell us about a serious separation within the family.
Nasal septum deviation: it reveals that our life is poorly partitioned and we have the desire to unite work life with affective life.
For example: “I want everyone to love me in my work”
It also shows us our inability to mark my territory.
“I can’t find my place”
“They don’t appreciate me as I deserve”
Nasal polyps: The polyp is a benign tumor that develops in a sinus or in the corresponding nostril and that has the effect of obstructing the affected side more or less completely.
The presence of the polyp reduces the smell.

The polyp warns us of the presence of a dirty olfactory mouthful, we smell something dirty.

Example, a deception, a betrayal or an infidelity, etc.
At a deeper level, it reveals “fear of what I smell”, “I want to get away from the world around me”
In the same way, it warns us of a smelly situation, of an unpleasant and penetrating smell. “It is not possible that it smells so bad”, “I hate this perfume”
In the mucosa: When the mucosa is affected, it tells us that we are experiencing a dangerous situation in the territory, home, work, partner, etc.
“I can’t stand their smell anymore, their presence”
What are they up to? “I have the suspicion that they are hiding something from me, that they are being conceited”
Edema and nasal scabs: “I want to separate myself from the outside to feel at peace”
Runny nose, mucus (sinuses): It tells us that I have a tendency to withdraw into myself and “cry about my luck”.
It is an internal cry because we do not value ourselves and we would like someone to protect us and help us.
“No one offers me their support or help”, “I can’t by myself and they don’t realize it”,
Dry nose: It warns us of a difficulty we have to express love, to say “I love you”

Olfactory nerve: It reveals to us that we want to cut off information, communication with someone because it stinks us.

Inward runny nose; It is the symbolic manifestation of an internal cry, due to our victim attitude. 

“I do everything by myself” “I need love” “I would like to be taken care of”

Stuffy and stuffy nose: It proves that we do not value ourselves, nor do we accept ourselves as we are.
“I did it wrong, I was wrong”, “I do not consider myself valuable”
Right nostril (left for lefties): Represents affectivity. If there is a problem, it means that I am separated from affection, of love. “I want to smell closer the smell of…”
Left nostril (right for lefties): Through this nostril we perceive danger. I smell something dirty that arouses my anger.
It is more related to issues that smell bad in the workplace, at work.
“I want to reject, put away something or someone, olfactory.
Through the different sizes and variations of the nose we can know some aspects of the human being.
“Wearing your nose high” is a symbol of pride.
Of a person who has an “aquiline” nose, it is often said that he has a very rigorous character and certain hypocrisy.
If we see an “upturned” nose, it tells us about someone who always goes “at his own pace”
If it is a long and sharp nose, it warns us of someone who has a tendency to stick their noses everywhere.
A nose covered in “warts” reminds us of the image of the witch, an evil being and full of danger.
The slightly curved nose denotes elegance and a “coarse” nose is synonymous with stubbornness, and so on.

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    Thought this bit of Body Talk: Nose might be interesting for loads of people with summer and humidity being huge with loads of fragrances out there…. Have a look at the Metaphysical Meaning.

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    Here's some fun – Body Talk….

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    i got a sweaty nose in fear of left out and losing my happily ever after while being an all seeing eye in conflict because i have a big nose with anyone against me

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    Hello Sir,

    Thank you for explaining the meaning of our physical bodies. This is deeply interesting, if an upturned nose means someone going at his own pace, I wonder if a downward turned nose means the opposite, is it someone that goes along with other’s wishes more easily? And what would be the meaning a big/small nose? Deeply grateful for your wisdom, many thanks!