WARTS, emotional and spiritual meaning

A wart is a hard bump (benign tumor) on the skin.
They are variable in shape and size, often painless unless pressed, and are most often found on the hands or feet.
Warts mainly affect people who are too self-critical of themselves and, therefore, very sensitive to reproaches and any type of aggression.
Also to people who think they are unpleasant and unworthy of love.
What biological utility does a wart have, what is its role?
It is a small shield to protect us from an attack or aggression received in the part where it is located.
Specifically, when someone has disrespected us, when we have been attacked, hurt, criticized, disgraced, by a comment, an insult, an offense, a despicable observation, a mockery, that has been nailed like a spike; especially if they do it to us publicly, in front of our professional, family or friendly environment.
Warts on the hands, palm and back:
They usually appear when there is a conflictive relationship with the father or the paternal function and with work. 

They reflect a lack of protection on the part of the father, especially at school, when he receives a complaint from the son from his teacher.

If it appears on the back of the hand, it may be related to an offense suffered in the school environment, especially if it has been accompanied by humiliating warnings. For example, if I judge myself or I am judged very severely in relation to my handwriting. “You have to write well”
The child is devalued since he cannot perform the requested exercises correctly.
Similarly, it may indicate a devaluation conflict in relation to the others. “I have done worse than my peers”
These warts usually appear between the ages of six and seven, the school period in which we learn to read and write and can affect the thumb or index finger or the back of the hand.

Likewise, a wart may appear on the hand after a conflict of “stain” linked to certain aspects of myself that I find ugly, detestable and I feel guilty.

“I have done something wrong”, “I have stolen and they have seen me”
If I feel ashamed of what I do or, well, if I want something but I don’t think I deserve it, I may get warts.
On the palm of the hand: the palm symbolically represents the father and will therefore reflect an ugly conflict with him. “My father has thrown me out on the street”
On the fingers of the hands: it is necessary to review the meaning of each finger.
Warts on the soles of the feet: they are symbolically related to our mother or to the maternal function (they can also refer to our roots, parents, grandparents, etc.) and they speak of a problem of union with our mother, with difficulties in communication, with disagreements and with the desire to be recognized by her.

It can tell me that I have suffered an ugly and dirty situation from my mother.

“My mother has thrown me out, on the street”
Likewise, you can express to me that I have experienced devaluation in sports terms; I can think that my feet are not as good as someone else’s.
Or, perhaps, it shows me my fear of the future and of changes.
Warts on the face: (image of me) can express a conflict of aesthetic devaluation, because I do not like my features, for example, my nose, or that I consider myself ugly.
On the lips: they reflect my fear that my parents will separate.

It also tells me that I have given or received a kiss or have said or been said a word that embarrasses me.

In the armpits: they warn me of a situation of separation with respect to those who I must protect under the wing, with a tone of affection, on the right side or danger on the left (for left-handers the other way around).
On the eyelids: they inform me of a devaluation compared to what I see.
“I do not see recognition for myself”
In the arms: they inform me of devaluation with respect to what I do with them.
“I am not good at my job or at the fulfillment of my duties”
On the neck: it indicates an aesthetic devaluation. “I’m getting older”
Other conflicts that can cause warts to appear:
If I have experienced a situation that has made me dirty in some way and I am very sorry because it comes from someone I care about.
For example, because of the unpleasant behavior of a family member that has made me feel embarrassed and dirty.
Likewise, it can manifest itself after a specific traumatic separation.

Another cause that can make a wart appear is having received a very strong attack on my dignity.

Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
I must transform my hatred into love and stop thinking that I am ugly.
I renounce waiting for others to validate or recognize me and I assume my responsibility to recognize and love myself. I accept what I am, a being worthy of love.

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  1. Seedling

    I am wondering what it means on the middle pad of the middle finger on the right hand.

    1. banks

      i literally came here for the same exact question

  2. Joman Romero

    Hi, please, you can LOOK on Labels: Hands and read the meaning of the middle finger plus the meaning of warts. Luck. Regards.

  3. Anonymous

    This is spot on for me. I am about to move in with my partner and have noticed this morning the start of a wart on my palm, the cause stated above is the conflict of being thrown out by a parent, and on the habd in general; not being protected by the father. As a teenager ny father died suddenly I was 13, and following my through me out so many times until i finally left at 16 when i accepted continuing my education was not going to be possible. So i understand maybe my subconcious is preparing for the same trauma now and has reacted with a wart. My question is what can I do to heal this? Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  4. Joman Romero

    Hello, I apologize that my English level is elementary. It is very difficult to do a therapy by mail, I am sorry for that. I can give you some directions.

    1.- You need to go to the conflictive situation (place it in the present)
    2.- Describe and increase your sensations and details
    3.- What do you think? What do you feel?
    4.- What is the basic emotion? (Fear, anger, disgust, sadness). Feel it as deep as you can.
    5.- In what part of your body do you feel that emotion?
    6.- Put your hand in that part, note how the intensity of that emotion increases and ask yourself: What have you lost or what have they taken away from you? What have not they given you?
    7.- A) Express and say or do what you could not do
      B) Go to another time, future? (real or not) in which that situation was solved. Relive that personal and intimate moment: make it present. Feel it with great intensity in every cell of your body.
    You are rediscovering

  5. Anonymous

    What about genital warts?

  6. Joman Romero

    Some reference about this: Conflict of separation with dirt. Conflict of loss of territory, loss of the possibility of copulation. It usually occurs in people who go from flower to flower in intimate relationships. Conflict of non-adaptation with respect to the situation of the couple.

  7. Unknown

    Interesting article. I have had a wart on my back for as long as I can remember, it doesnt bother me but it bothers my husband 😂

  8. Unknown

    Is there another way to express this? I don't understand what you mean by 'Conflict of separation from which I must protect with a tone of affection on the right side or the left opponen' thanks

  9. Joman Romero

    Sorry, there is a translation error. Conflict of separation with respect to which I must protect with a tonality of affection on the right side or of danger on the left (for left-handers backwards). Thank you