WRISTS, emotional and spiritual meaning

It is the joint that joins the forearm to the hand. They represent movement, flexibility, dexterity, ease, and ability. It is related to what we do, “with the precise gesture of work” and the precision of our movements.
They also tell us about how we handle our experiences, as well as our willingness and desire to act.
The main emotional conflict that affects the wrist is devaluation, in most cases, due to not being able to perform a function, a role, a task.
It is possible that we believe that we are not up to performing a certain task (feeling clumsy manually), or that we lack dexterity and confidence in our actions, perhaps due to fear of making mistakes or lack of confidence in ourselves. 
“I do not want to carry that weight or that responsibility at work, I am afraid”
The problems in the wrist can express to us that we are inflexible, that our way of thinking and our actions are rigid and that we believe that we can submit the reality of life to our will.
At the same time, they also speak to us and convey to us that we do not handle ourselves skilfully, fluently, decisively, or lovingly.

Pain in the wrists can represent repressed energy related to something that we must do but that we retain and do not do.

There is thus an obstruction, a blockage or a denial in front of the actions that it should do.
They can also hurt when we prevent ourselves from doing something; do not grant ourselves permission, or when we have the feeling of not being able to act because someone or something prevents us.
In the same way, they will also hurt us when we have to do something and deep down, we do not feel like it or we think that someone is abusing us and then we do not do it with love, but, rather, out of obligation, fear or guilt.
Cysts: They manifest when I deny the reality of something. I don’t like what I have to do, I don’t like my work, I deny my reality.
Scaphoid: When this bone is affected, it tells us of a devaluation due to not being able to make a real trip (vacation) or symbolic (astral travel, drug trip, emotional trip)… added to a conflict in relation to work.
Fractures: They are always related to an emotional conflict of devaluation, lack of respect for me and, in this case, it tells us about something that I do.

It can express a rebellion or reaction to authority, from which I want to depart.

In the same way, it can convey to us that we are not assimilating or discerning our responsibilities well. I think that any gesture or action that I perform in my work is not serious, but deep down I know that it is and a lot.
People with wrist problems have a great predisposition to offer help to others.
However, when they need help, the same people do not offer it or deny it.
As a consequence, pain appears. What does it hurt for? It Is a biological solution, the pain prevents me from continuing to help.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
Where am I not giving enough? Who or what reason prevents me from acting? What do I not want to do? Where should I give in?
May love be the base where all our actions and the energy that drives our experiences are sustained.

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  1. Mr Asj

    It's a nice article. Everyone should read. Thanks for sharing. For more amazing information you may get from this link Wrist Pain

  2. Chris Rabuck

    I found the message here resonates with my own experiences with wrist pain. A lot of gems here. . .

  3. Unknown

    A broken wrist here and i can relate to some of this for sure

  4. Anonymous

    Definitely resonates with me! Thank you so much!

  5. Anonymous

    I've been having pain and this resonated so much.

  6. Lehlohonolo

    I have been having the worst wrist pain for the past 3years, it started soon after I had my son and the pain still continues to date

  7. Mattisen

    I have severe wrist pain during only certain situations. But it’s not really pain it feels as if it’s endurance in my veins. When something amazing happens I’ve been waiting for or something awful is said to me. They ache. You know the feeling when emotional tears begin to form for whatever reason, that is how my wrists feel and of course the tears begin to form. I don’t cry from the pain but I cry from the insane feeling I’m experiencing.