TEETH, emotional and spiritual meaning

The teeth represent our ability to express what we think and our way of “asserting ourselves” or “biting” in life. Biting is an act of aggression, of power, a takeover.
Biologcally, both teeth and nails are the natural tools we have to defend ourselves.
“I am not able to assert myself or someone is preventing me from asserting myself”

Tooth loss: it is the consequence of having experienced a conflict of devaluation due to “not being able to bite, fight”.

Perhaps, I have not been able to catch or I have suffered a loss of something (mouthful) for not being able to fight because it is an authority or someone who is very significant to me and I have a lot of respect for him.

That’s why my teeth fall out, so I don’t bite or fight. “I could bite, I am capable of doing it, but I have no right to do it, “I have been educated too well”.

Or, perhaps, I devalue myself “for not being able to bite”, because I feel weaker.

Other dental problems are related to our difficulties to “go forward” to make decisions and eliminate the obstacles that prevent us from advancing.
Abscess: A dental abscess or phlegmon is an abscess located in a gum, due to an infection in a diseased or damaged tooth.
The pus collects the bad or harmful accumulated, to be able to expel it. In this case, that which prevented us from making a decision (catching a piece in the form of a decision) is expelled.
The remnants of the battle (infection) for that decision are being eliminated.
If we re-enter the conflict, the abscess can persist.

Decision that we have not taken or that we have not been able to maintain consistently.

Annoyance that appears with anger and frustration, regarding a decision that corrodes me inside and I cannot make it. Find the direction of the tooth in which it appears.
Tooth decay is the manifestation of deep inner pain.
Something gnaws at me to the depths of my being, perhaps because we have not been able to express in time the words that we should have said or because we have not made the right decision at the right time.
When it affects the enameled part, we have experienced a situation in which we had the desire to “bite” someone and we have not done it because “a well-educated child does not do this kind of thing”.
“I have no right to defense or attack”

When it affects the bone, it indicates a conflict of devaluation due to not being able or not being able to bite because I feel too weak.

In this way I block myself and cannot act or express my wishes.
“I am nothing; I cannot even face others, to defend myself tooth and nail”
Cavities also tell me that I take life too seriously and that I keep myself from laughing and being happy.
Tooth pulp: “It is not allowed to feed my aggressiveness.”
Dental avulsion: Tooth (adult) that comes out of its usual position. It may fall completely or move or shift.
The sense is to change the position of the tooth to one that allows us to better “bite” the bite.
Devaluation for not being able to catch the piece (bite).
Or for not being able to express themselves (they do not support me in my ideas or words).
Fear of hurting another.
Advancing tooth: I want to accelerate.
Receding tooth: I want to break.
The affected piece and its function or symbolism must be taken into account.
Tartar: Tartar is an attempt at protection.
It is deposited mainly in the gums below, because this area represents our most fragile and most vulnerable part.
People who make a lot of tartar are hypersensitive.

They have come into the world in a climate of coldness, fear, anguish or insecurity.

With tartar they try to cover and hide their faults and weaknesses:
“That way I will feel less fear”
If tartar appears on the outside of the gums, it is trying to protect us from the aggressions that come from outside (slaps, abuse, and humiliation).
If the tartar is deposited mainly inside, the person does not want to feel his weakness, his smallness and how much he needs others to satisfy his needs.
Tartar is generally a “disease” of the adult.

If it manifests itself in the child, it is a sign of exacerbated hypersensitivity against which the child tries to fight.

From what or whom are you trying to protect yourself?
There are those who develop tartar after entering school, after a separation or those who suffer from bullying.
“I am immersed in an environment that is too harsh for me”
Giving security, comfort and protection will then be as important as removing tartar.

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