ARTICULATIONS OR JOINTS: emotional and spiritual meaning


The joints are used to make movements, to make gestures in general.
They represent the flexibility to act, to change course, to accept a change.

People, who have joint problems, are living or have experienced a situation of “change” that they refuse to accept.

Or, on the contrary, they are willing to move, to change from one place to another or from one thing to another.
It is almost always a conflict of protection related to the part of the body affected.
When a person is unable to adapt, to understand, to evolve, to improve, he is most likely, without realizing it, damaging her joints.
“I resist, I feel unprotected against changes”,
“Changes scare me”, “If something changes I die”, “I need to change, move, because I am in danger.”
If I have problems in any joint, it warns me that I am experiencing a self-devaluation conflict linked to the movement.
“I do not me value anything because everyone criticizes me for my movements”,
“My way of moving is not the most elegant in the world.”

In the same way, it can indicate to me that I devalue myself with respect to a gesture that I must carry out.

What is the gesture that I cannot carry out? “I would like my gestures to be smooth and fluid”
Likewise, it can warn me of a situation of self-devaluation related to the activity I do, the sport I practice or the skill with which I me develop.
In the same way, I can have problems if I feel that my family is disjointed or may be.
“There is a bad articulation between my parents, between my siblings or between other people I love, so I suffer because of it”

Joint pains can also occur in presumptuous individuals, who want to go too far and who never want to bend, thus losing respect for life.

Synovial effusion: when this symptom manifests it wants to tell me that I am experiencing a change that I do not accept, or a new project that I do not want to start or that I do not want to carry out, perhaps, a path, a direction that I do not want to take, etc.
Unconsciously I am “manufacturing” more lubricant to be “more flexible”, because whatever the activity I do not want to do it and, furthermore, I feel unprotected.
“I want to be more acceptable”,
“I would like to have a little more sweetness in my submission, please”,
If it is about the knee: he tells me that,
“I refuse to submit”,
“I submit too much”
When it affects the wrist: it informs me about, “It’s a lot of work”,
“I don’t like this job”, “I do everything”
Regarding the elbow: It indicates devaluation at work, lack of support in it.
Or perhaps, I have changed jobs.” “I resist losing”,
“I must win as always”
When the person affected in the joints is a person under 14 years of age, it is necessary to find out if there was a member of the clan who had an accident and was run over and with whom he has an affinity, for example, he bears the same name or was born in the same month.

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