URTICARIA OR HIVES, emotional and spiritual meaning

It is a skin disease characterized by transient eruptions (pimples or hives) that are accompanied by severe itching and edema (inflammation).

Hives warn me of an atmosphere of separation that threatens my integrity: “They tear me away…” “They take me away…”

For example: My parents separate and I am going to live with my mother, symbolically, I feel that they are taking me away or taking me away from my father.
Likewise, if I go to live in another place, I can feel that they distance me from my colleagues, friends, etc.
We can be involved in a triangular conflict.
For example, the erotic desire towards a person and the impossibility of satisfying it due to the presence of a rival.
“I feel the separation, I feel far from my expectations, I am disappointed”, “I feel rejected, disowned”,
“I am separated from the pleasure of contact”
Likewise, it indicates to me that I am experiencing a harmful contact that dishonors my and is attempting to my dignity and integrity. 
This situation burns me and exceeds my limits. I have the feeling of being beaten, attacked by someone or by life and I can’t do anything about it.
Often it involves sexual abuse, touching, etc. that I want to get rid of scratching myself..
“I want to separate, but it is impossible, I have no way out”

Urticaria would be the bodily translation of the feeling of being abused that is why the mark on the skin is similar to that seen after receiving blows.

The person affected by urticaria usually maintains a passive attitude in their relationships with others, perhaps that is why they suffer so much rejection.
She does not accept herself and to feel loved she does things based on what people expect of her, thus rejecting herself as well.

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