OVARIAN disorders, emotional and spiritual meaning

They are the sex glands that secrete women female sex hormones and form eggs to be fertilized.
They represent motherhood, the desire to procreate, the vital relationship with the child, fertility, sexuality, creativity, skill in creating and femininity, by the fact of being a woman and being filled or satisfied as a woman.

When a woman has symptoms in her ovaries, it may be because she has lived or is living a situation where she has lost the basic family ties. 

Perhaps because her family is toxic and has been away from her. 
Or maybe because her father is an abuser, rapist and he has stopped talking to her. 
Or it may be because she is an orphan and has no mention of a familiar past, etc.
In the most serious ovaries problems, there is a difficulty with her own child, or with a family to which she is considered or treated her like a son.
Ovaries: germ cells.
Severe loss conflict. It can develop after an event in which we live the loss of a loved one. 
For example, the death of a son in an accident, as a result of an illness or an abortion. 

It may be the loss of another person, with whom I have no blood ties, but I love like a child, or perhaps you can refer to the loss of a pet, etc.

The worst that can happen to a human being, is to lose a child. 
The sense of loss can be experienced on a symbolic level, such as: I’ve lost my husband! 
Because he no longer pays attention to me, not talk, he is almost never home, just think of their work, etc. Therefore, I lost the man I was happy with.
Likewise, the feeling of loss can be experienced for a project she loved and which has not been carried out, it has been aborted. Example: the writer whose publication of her book, “her baby”, has been frustrated or architect whose project was rejected, etc.
Ovaries: Connective tissue. Competing less serious than the conflict germ cell loss.

Conflict of loss of a possible child (abortion).

Conflict has felt belittled or hurt by a man.
Semi-genital ugly conflict, accompanied by guilt. A low blow.
“Fear anticipated to lose”
Polycystic Ovary: Women “under herdomestic wolf”
They are very jealous, very controlling, women with excessive responsibilities.
Weigh husbands emotionally immature.
“Seduction attracts the male” “I’m ugly, worthless and I cannot like the boys”. “My boyfriend left me for another, prettier and better than me”
Right ovary has to do with the “pull” that women exercise on a man.

Left ovary is related to own “reproduction”.

Some women may experience discomfort in the ovaries when they have difficulty expressing or express their creativity, in any area of ​​their lives.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
Whatever the situation is, it is important to accept all the feelings that live in you, to express that your inner wound can heal and you can look to the future with a more positive and full of projects for performing look.
Contribute to life, to creation. Become aware that you can for yourself.
Express creativity in other directions.
You need to learn to trust men, to access your inner man.

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