ACNE, emotional and spiritual meaning

This type of rash often appears in adolescence.
The parts of the body that are usually affected are the face and sometimes the décolleté, shoulders and back.
Most of the time, it manifests itself on the face
The face is what confronts us with the world, that part of each person that others see first, and through which it is accepted or rejected.

The face represents our identity, the image we have of ourselves. The acne that sprouts in the adolescent shows the problems that the adolescent has with his external appearance, with his image, that is, with his identity.

He has been able to live a conflict of confusion regarding who he is or what role he plays in his family and in society.
There could be a confusion when writing your name on an important document or people call you by a different name than what you are called or, perhaps, someone in your family does not recognize you, perhaps because you have done something different than what is traditional in the family or it may be that they repeatedly confuse you with another person, as can happen to twin brothers, etc.
If I receive an attack on my face, it means that I have received an attack on my image, on my identity.
Was there someone who told you that you were ugly in your childhood or adolescence?
Did you feel rejected by someone and you thought it was because of your image? 
“I feel attacked by my own image, by people’s comments, by ridicule, etc.”
It can be related to a situation of dirt and/or aesthetic devaluation. “I am completely devalued and I feel unprotected for not being like others or for not feeling as beautiful as others”

It indicates that you do not fully accept the image you see, it does not satisfy you, either because it is considered ugly or because it draws too much attention. 

It also shows his tendency to compare himself with others and to devalue himself; in short, it expresses the difficulty you have to love yourself as you are.
“I’ve gotten really ugly”, “People don’t like me and I don’t like myself either”, “I find myself ugly and sometimes even disgusting”
Acne can also occur in those adolescents with low self-esteem, who do not know how to love themselves and who try to be or not be, like another person to please a family member. Acne indicates that you are being criticized.

In adolescence, a new desire also emerges in human beings that forcefully try to make a place for itself in consciousness: sexuality.

This impulse always poses a conflict for us, on the one hand it attracts us and on the other it causes us fear: 
“I show my hormones, I show that I am ready to have sex”,  “I am afraid of not being sexually attractive”,
“I want to continue being the child of the house”,  “I don’t want responsibilities for now”
This problem of a personality that is not yet formed, that doubts about itself, that lacks confidence and maturity and that is invaded by shyness and fear of the other, in their judgment and in their eyes, translates into acne.
The adolescent’s skin becomes inflamed, greasy because there is a new energy that wants to come out, but he tries to prevent it.
Through acne we try to protect ourselves from the outside world, because acne helps keep us from being approached and things and aggressions slip from us.
We get ugly to choose the other. 
Shame about one’s sexuality, turns into shame about pimples.

Acne can be a way of avoiding contact with others, a contact that, despite our need for it, inspires us fear.

In girls it may be due to a conflict of devaluation of the feminine (vulnerable, inferior) versus the masculine (decision, success, security), due to a trauma suffered with the mother.
Acne all over the body or in a specific area: We must find out if at any time we lived a situation in which someone happened to see us naked and, for which, we feel very ashamed.
In the same way it can occur in any other part of the body where acne is shown.
Or, perhaps it is because someone made a negative comment about the affected party and made us feel worthless.
As a consequence of these events, the brain causes acne (water and fat) to biologically protect that area that has been devalued. 

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  1. Anonymous

    Joman, I have acne and i believe it started when I fully knew my dad was an alcoholic. And when you put conflict related to alcoholism, I dont get it can you explain that part to me?

  2. Joman Romero

    Hi, you can find information about alcoholism on the label ADDICTIONS.

  3. Dandelion_1717

    I’m astounded by the accuracy of these energetic meanings and significance. I’ve read several and automatically see how the physical result / symptoms matches the core issue at hand or the issues which have occurred already. Very valuable insights. Thank you for everything. Much love to you and yours.

  4. Kevin

    What does a pimple in my right earlobe mean?