VEINS, emotional and spiritual meaning:

Blood(family, clan) runs through the veins on its way back; once our love is shared, it returns to the heart (home) with the love it has received from our environment.
Venous problems indicate that it is difficult for us to accept or receive life, love, and joy and allow space for it within us.
Veins symbolize communication in the family. If I have problems it means that there are conflicts in family communication or in family relationships.

Likewise, it can warn me that I am living a devaluation conflict with respect to not being able to assume, handle, solve, some situation in the family.

“I am not able to carry this cross”, “I have to clean the dirty blood of the family”
Phlebitis and thrombophlebitis: it expresses to me that I feel devalued and I cannot move, perhaps, it tells me that I live with other people’s problems or that I feel trapped in a job, in a relationship, etc.
I perceive that there is an impediment for me to continue my path, for me to change, for me to achieve my goals and, almost always, it is related to some family issue.
It usually affects, mainly, the legs and it is a self-devaluation.
“I feel my legs tied”, “I have feet of lead”
I realize that “something” or “someone” has me tied; perhaps, there is something I do not want to do.

In most cases, it refers to family charges or responsibilities that I no longer expected, but that, for various reasons, return to my life. 

For instance:
– Grandparents who just want to live in peace, rest, travel, etc. and, for some reason, they have to take responsibility for their grandchildren.
-A woman who wants a full professional life and an unexpected pregnancy prevents it.
-A woman who wishes to work, but, upon marrying, her husband objects.
-A man who wishes to travel to study, but his family does not allow it.
Phlebothrombosis:it warns me of a situation that repeats itself frequently; I continue to fall over and over again, with the burden of the burdens on my family.
“I release myself from a burden, but it comes back to me again.

They also tell me about my disgust at not being able to go home due to something ugly that awaits me.

“I cannot return to my home, the center of the family territory”.
If the peripheral veins are affected, we are also talking about a state of abandonment.
The legs are the reflection of my mobility in life, in my personal relationships.
They express to me that I am disappointed because I have been very involved in life, in the family and I feel dissatisfied because I have received very little in proportion to what I have given.
I perceive that there is a lack of return of life, of family, etc. and, therefore, I am upset and tired, since what I have lived seems dark, lacking in passion and joy. In addition,
I feel helpless and a feeling of not knowing how to live my wishes and longings for happiness.

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