ASTHMA, emotional and spiritual meaning


Its appearance is intermittent.
It manifests itself in the form of suffocation, accompanied by whistling, which occurs when exhaling, making it difficult and painful, while inspiration is easy and fast.

The person with asthma is because they are experiencing an emotional conflict related to her territory, be it home or family.

Asthmatic attacks can indicate that the person lives in a suffocating environment (living with a relative, in a room without privacy, etc.) in which there are people or situations that make them feel uncomfortable, pressured and do not know how to handle the situation.
In a way, asthma is like a “cry for help” that expresses that you are not satisfied with the environment around you, that you feel attacked, suffocated or drowned by a dominant person or situation and expels your suffering through asthma.
“The space I need is not the one imposed on me, it doesn’t serve me and I don’t want it.”

Threat conflict on the territory: fights, disputes between family members.

Overcrowding conflict: manifests when many people are living under the same roof.
“I feel like my house is small”,
“I would like to have a big and bright room.”,
“I’m drowning”,.
“Fear of dying asphyxiated, that we don’t have air”,
“I prefer my air to that of others”,
“I refuse to breathe their air”,
“I refuse to share my house with…”,
“I refuse to share my office with… “
Bronchial asthma: there are two simultaneous emotional conflicts, but one of them “resolves” and the other, “remains latent” in the left hemisphere, has not been released, resolved, etc. 
“I want and I do not want to appropriate the space that surrounds me”

Likewise, he warns me that I am afraid of losing or being invaded my territory: 

“They do not knock on the door to enter my room”, 
“I do not feel in my territory”, 
“Someone breaks into my territory”, 
“I have lost my territory ”, 
Someone left my house and I live it as I have lost my territory.
Laryngeal asthma:when someone has laryngeal asthma it is because they are experiencing a panic conflict.
Some situation at home or with your family keeps you permanently afraid.
His bronchial tubes are damaged because he makes the effort to let air in (life), but he is very afraid.
“This love suffocates me”,
“I am unable to breathe alone”,
“I have all my crying repressed”,
“I feel suffocated by debt”

Childhood asthma: when a child has asthma we must analyze Sense Project and the relationship between his parents, possibly involved in continuous fights and screams that make the child never feel safe.

In many cases, it corresponds to people who once conceived feel rejection by one of their parents.
That is, they feel from their mother’s womb that they come to a world where they will not be well received.
“Fear of life”, “I wish not to be here”
As a consequence, they grow up with the feeling of not having received enough affection.
That is why he tries to absorb too much air and he himself suffocates.
In the Sense Project I must look for stories of symbolic suffocation of my mother or my father when I was in the womb and also find out if I came with the umbilical cord around my neck.
If so, I can believe that when I am in my territory I can suffocate or I can die.
In my family tree I must find out if there were family stories of real suffocation.
For example, from having worked in mines or places where there was a lot of toxic dust.
Or if there were people buried alive or babies and children that died from suffocation, etc.
Stories like these are what make us vulnerable to any symbolic suffocation.

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