CELIAC DISEASE, emotional and spiritual meaning


Gluten is a protein found in the seed of many cereals, especially the wheat with which bread, sweets and pasta are made. Therefore, a gluten allergy is food intolerance.
Some people have a gluten allergy, others have intolerance and others suffer from celiac disease, an autoimmune disease, so in all cases they have to follow gluten-free diets. 
That is to say, they want to eliminate the allergen, but this measure entails a very great stress, since they have to be permanently controlling where there is or there is no gluten and also, they do not get rid of their intolerance.
As for allergy, there is always a conflict (psycho sock) that programs it, while in the case of celiac, most of the time, it is a conflict related to the family clan or to the Sense Project, that is, to the period between conception, through pregnancy and up to three years of age.

Gluten allergy = dad allergy. Bread is a universal archetype; it represents the family gathering around the table, the family atmosphere.

People who suffer from gluten intolerance must be aware that their real problem is not gluten, but bread.
The bread symbolically represents the family, the family environment and more specifically the head of the family, the father. Probably, unexpectedly, in childhood we have felt ignored, discriminated against, betrayed, left out by our father while we were sitting at the table or somewhere bread and gluten were present.
“I can´t assimilate my father”,
“My father did to me or does something dirty to me, a sleaze, a dirty thing, in the territory”
“My dad discriminates against me, leaves me aside”,
“He thinks I’m not his son”,
“It is not easy being my father’s son”, “I have what I don’t want and I don’t have what I want”

It can also be manifested by a history related to the absence of my father due to alcoholism, absent father, death, etc., which has caused an unstable, harmful, dangerous family environment, a lack of family cohesion.

From that moment on I cannot tolerate gluten, bread, because my unconscious, symbolically, relates it to a negative, dangerous experience.
If nothing of this is currently happening to me, I have to analyze my genealogical tree to find doubles of mine who have had problems with their father or look for a symbolic father, who has lived stories related to seeds, sperm, children, father, discrimination, betrayal , rejection, etc.
If I don’t find anything in my ancestors either, I have to look at the Sense Project for stories that my mother has lived with my father or with her own father or with her father-in-law or perhaps, with the couple who she thought would be the father of her children, etc. .
Why did I choose this father for my children?
“My husband is not a good father to my children”
Likewise, it indicates a situation of real separation from the family or parents, without the consent of the affected person. For example, for having been admitted to a boarding school, nursery, pension, etc.
Or having been left in the care of a relative, because the parents cannot take care of them.

In the same way, it warns me of an environment of abstinence for having been deprived of something in a drastic, radical way.

Example: a woman who during pregnancymakes the decision to suddenly quit smoking.
During breastfeeding, if the mother has a problem and stops feeding the baby prematurely, she can be the cause for the child to contract the celiac disease later.
-Intolerance to everything that looks like gluten.
Gluten allergy: “I have been kicked out of my family”
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  1. Anonymous

    This is beyond amazing… I am in total tears as i read this because i have celiac really bad that it caused me to have internal bleeding I didn't know i had. I also have a reactivated, (due to more adulthood traumas)highly active Epstein Barr Virus and they worked together to rob me of nutrients and i wound up getting thyroid cancer as a result. This described EXACTLY what happened to me as a child. I died from being born 6 weeks too early from failire1 to thrive. I now have it again as my family left me again. I am beyond devastated. I never knew who to talk with about this until now… Thank you and your elders for such sojnd, clear and accurate wisdom, knowledge and understanding. This helped me TREMENDOUSLY. I feel like i still need spiritual help and don't know what to do or who to go to except Jesus. What do you recommend?

  2. Divine Wisdom #6

    Thank you for this explanation. It has explained the spaffect affect of my grandmothers Father's death when she was a little girl, my mother's father and alcoholism and my absent father even during my birth.

  3. Unknown

    Jesus is YOUR provider . YOUR ROCK .

  4. S.S.

    Hi, I knew since a very young age I don't fit in with my family, I have always felt the one who watched them do their crazy stuff from a distance and I never felt connected to them, felt a stranger, disconnected and 'afraid' since as long as I can remember.. They discovered I had celiacs disease since I was 9 months old..

  5. Unknown

    Joman, hi, I am so greatful for your work so much so that I bought the book to support you (couldn/t find a donation button – you might want to install it!) and say THANK YOU.
    Annamiek Nu

  6. Unknown

    I am literally in tears reading this! This is absolutely amazing!! Thank you so much.

  7. Molly

    But what’s the solution. How can I heal this side of myself? You give a problem but what we need is a solution. Thank you for the info, where do I go from here?