ARMS, emotional and spiritual meaning


Generic name given to the upper limb, but in reality it only refers to the segment that goes from the elbow to the shoulder. From elbow to wrist is the forearm.

The arms have to do with our capacity and ability to act, work, carry, embrace the people, accept and embrace life experiences “with open arms”

They also reflect our character, our way of expressing ourselves, our usefulness and our worth; with them we hit, protect, caress, hold, etc.
If any symptoms appear in them, pain, injury, fracture, etc., it means that we are experiencing an emotional conflict of devaluation with respect to some activity that I carried out and that due to negative comments or criticism from someone, I have lost confidence in myself or in my aptitudes.
Something has made me feel incapable, clumsy, etc.

It can refer to an affective situation or related to work or to some daily activity that we carry out and, having made a mistake, it has brought us very serious consequences.

For example: “For not having maneuvered well, I ran over a colleague”,
“I could not hold the load well and everything fell to the ground”, “For not knowing how to use a tool from my work well, my colleagues laugh at me”, ” I am no longer able to do what I always did with my arms “
Therefore, we must always find out what action carried out with the arms has been frustrating for me or has hurt someone and made me feel worthless.
The arms can also be affected when we are forced to “drop something” against our will. “I couldn’t hug him”, “I couldn’t hold him back”, “I couldn’t stop him from leaving”
Are we afraid of doing something, a task or the consequences that it may bring us?

Do we not feel comfortable with some emotional situation or any circumstance at work or with the orders we receive?

Is it impossible for us to carry out any action related to our family or professional environment.
Like when we feel guilty when we realize our inability to hug loved ones; or when we are sad and sorry because we do not feel useful at work and we lack confidence in our abilities; these tensions will manifest in our arms through pain or trauma. “I don’t like being approached or hugged”, “I don’t like doing this job”,
“It bothers me how my boss gives me orders”, “I find myself unable to do this job”
When I am fed up with something or someone and I do not want to recognize it, my arms do not receive stimuli from my brain and it leads me to pick myself up in myself full of pain and suffering, without realizing that only myself, with my attitude, or in this case, rather with my laziness, I have caused it.

Right arm (left-handed for left-handed people):if I have discomfort, it indicates a conflict related to people I love or something I really like to do.

He also talks to me about my pain for letting the one I love go (children, family…).
Left arm (right for lefties):it warns me of a dangerous situation that I am living.
“I could not protect myself, defend myself from attacks.” “I want to keep someone at a distance”, “I couldn’t get away…”
Although the symbolism of the arm is related to work, action or our intention of wanting to hug or not, etc., it is necessary to take into account whether the ailment affects the skin, muscle, bone, etc. to do the interpretation together
In the same way, if I do not identify with any of the problems mentioned, then I should analyze my genealogical tree and search among the ancestors with whom I have an affinity if any lived at the same age in which I was affected, any of the experiences mentioned and I, out of family loyalty, am dragging that program.
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