INTESTINES, emotional and spiritual meaning


The patient of the small intestine is usually a distrustful person, who analyzes everything in an exaggerated way, capable of carrying out a fine analysis of “detail” and who has a highly developed critical sense, “he always has something to say”.
Small bowel disorders tell us about the difficulty that a person has to absorb and assimilate the experience they are living.
I can have a tendency to judge situations by having very strong opinions regarding my notions of “right” and “wrong.”

I do not assimilate the good aspects of my life, I do not appreciate the good things around me, I always see the bad in every situation.

“I do not want assimilate”, “I do not feel accepted, assimilated in my family, integrated”, “I can no longer assimilate that information”, “I cannot see the good side of this”, “This is not how I dreamed it”, “Everything is wrong”
I will also tend to have the feeling of lacking many things in my life.
It warns me of my difficulty digesting a bite and, as a consequence, I am afraid of “lacking”, of starving.
Likewise, it can indicate to me that I can digest too large a mouthful (real or symbolic), for example, an insult, a disappointment, an impertinence, an injustice, etc.

Small intestine cancer:it talks to me about my inability to digest the good things in life, to digest my life.

“I do not know where to go”, “I don’t know where life is taking me”, “I don’t know what place I occupy in my family”, “I have doubts about what position to take regarding…”
Ileum: if I have discomfort he tells me that I do not know how to get the fruit of the lessons of the past and I always fall into the same thing.
Jejunum: when my jejunum is affected, it tells me that I have difficulties choosing, making decisions.
Intestinal parasites: Who parasites me? What element, what foreign body do I make a place for inside myself? “Someone is imposed on my table”, “I can’t stand the fact of eating at the bar, at someone else’s table”

Likewise, he expresses to me that someone imposes his belief system on me and I allow myself to be invaded.

Taenia: it tells me that I am parasitized by ideas contrary to mine. I feel abused because I have a hard time asserting myself in my way of thinking and that makes me sad. “I let myself” steal “my energy”
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
I need to learn to be flexible, to observe and assimilate events and let them go.

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