FOREARM, emotional and spiritual meaning

It is the part of the arm that goes from the wrist to the elbow. It includes the ulna and radius bones.

The function of the forearm is to “encompass in action” and precision in the movements of what is close to us, work, home, family, friends, etc.

If I have problems, it tells me that I feel devalued about protecting or holding someone in my arms.
Radio: this bone warns me of a situation of devaluation related to my “radius of action”, that is, with what I have at hand, home, profession, family, etc.) “I give what I do not want to give”
In right-handed people (the other way around for left-handed people):
Right: related to close people (family, affection). Talk about a wish.
Left: linked to the others. Talk about an action and protection.
Ulna: it expresses devaluation related to a security perimeter around us.

It informs me of a conflict related to having to share an assignment. Example: feeling obliged to share some responsibility that only concerns me.

Likewise, he speaks to me of impotence in the face of the work I do.
It also warns me of a conflict related to a cousin, neighbor, friend, etc. for material or economic reasons.
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