VITILIGO, emotional and spiritual meaning

It is a problem of lack of pigmentation in the skin. It is characterized by white spots of different sizes and shapes.
Melanin, which is a pigment that gives skin its color, is not metabolized properly.
Although except for this discoloration problem, the skin is perfectly normal, vitiligo is very difficult to accept since the aesthetic effect it gives is very annoying for the person and there is also no effective symptomatic treatment.
On the other hand, the sun also aggravates the appearance, because if the rest of the skin is tanned, the areas affected by vitiligo turn pink and the effects are even more highlighted.
Vitiligo expresses that I have a negative image about myself, which could have been caused by another person.

Generally it is a male element, the father or someone who exercises the paternal function, sometimes it can be the mother if he occupies that function, the brother, the godfather or someone I admire.

Curiously, in the world of symbols, the Sun represents the father and precisely the depigmentation of the skin leaves us without protection against the violence of the sun’s rays.
“I want to disappear, hide from my castrating father”, “I want my father to see inside me”,
“I lack the” light “of a father to support me or guide me”, “I can have a father, yes, but it is of no use to me, I am alone”,
“I do not exist for my father or mother, they do not see me, I am invisible”, “I am separated from the gaze of my parents”
Vitiligo also expresses to me that I feel dirty on the inside from something horrible,
I did and I want to be invisible so they don’t discover me. I committed a murder or fraud, maybe I lied to harm another person or saw a crime being committed and kept quiet or, maybe, abused someone, etc. and I want to hide my crime, I don’t want my family to find out.
“I want to disappear, I want to be invisible, that what I did not be discovered”, “I want to be” transparent “to go unnoticed”, “I want to be more pure.”
That is why my brain sends the order of depigmentation, to wash me, to cleanse my guilt and make me invisible. “I am a bad person, I regret it”

Similarly, vitiligo can appear after a conflict of “dirt” in my family or in my environment, and I have taken the unconscious order to “clean” so much filth. “You have to wash what has been stained.

You have to have clean hands”, “I have an atrocious fear that the “stain in my family” will advance “, “I must clean all that crap, I must clean the stains of my family”,
“They are all bad, except me and not I can prove that I am innocent”
Likewise, vitiligo can respond to an unpleasant and abrupt conflict of separation from a loved one, someone I loved more than anything in the world.
Example: I have seen how my father, mother, brother, etc. were murdered.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:

Biologically, vitiligo is intended to “try to get more light into our interior”

I must assume that I am not the culprit of so much dirt and decide to stay away from “dirty” people.
I accept and love myself as I am and take control of my life.
I understand that while I may not always be able to prove myself innocent, I am.
It is my responsibility to give light and color to my image, which is the reflection of my soul and I recognize my merits, my achievements and thus, access happiness.
It is essential to accept what has happened and stop blaming the person who has made me doubt myself.

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