BRAIN, emotional and spiritual meaning


The brain is the most important organ in the human body, which is why it is also the best protected, by a bone covering and a liquid cushion that protects it from direct damage. 

It is the organ in charge of connecting mind and body.

It is the personal computer, the command center, which commands muscles, words and actions, and it is also the one that directs the complex mechanism of the human body. 
Although many of the organic functions, it performs (blood circulation, digestion, respiration, etc.) it does in an unconscious way.
The brain demands, receives and manages information from the outside, received by the senses and from the inside captured by the sensory fibers that report the state or function of each organ.
It centralizes and stores and circulates data throughout the individual, allowing them to exist, relate and evolve in their environment.
The human brain is divided into two hemispheres with individualized functions, but connected by nerve fibers for complementary work.

In a healthy brain, the connections allow each hemisphere to know what is happening in the other.

The right hemisphere: Controls the left part of the body. It is always in the present.
It is considered non-verbal; it is musical, synthetic and holistic.
It integrates various types of information: sounds, images, smells sensations and transmits them as a whole.
Left hemisphere: Think linearly and methodically, in the form of language. It is in the past and future. It reminds us of what we had planned to do.

The brain symbolically represents life itself, “my life” and will be related to the way I lead my life, how I develop, what I do in my life, my aspirations, etc.

In the same way that nature is in charge of protecting the brain, the human being must also protect its individuality, what it really is (The I AM).
Just as the brain directs the rest of the body, we must direct our life in accordance with who we are, with what we want to be and where to go to achieve our dreams. At the same time, we must avoid being influenced or trying to become what others expect of us.

Brain problems affect susceptible and receptive people who are experiencing external situations that cause great confusion.

Or you are facing some change in your life that causes you to lose your reference points.
It is as if they have the feeling of having lost control of their own life and not being themselves.
Other brain problems are the sign that our relationship with life is based on reason and logic. We want to solve it and understand everything from our “conscious” part, through pure thought.
We do not allow our feelings to influence or disturb us, either because they scare us, because they do not satisfy us, or simply because we find no use for them.
We only give importance to the effectiveness of rational logic and reasoning, but we forget that life is unpredictable, insecure, any circumstance is probable and of course, very little rational.
This tendency to pass everything under the filter of reason implies the need to always “be right” and flee from mistakes, since they are considered a weakness.

People with brain imbalances have great difficulty in changing their ideas and way of thinking, to make room for pleasure and enjoyment of the simple things in life.

Brain tumors usually appear in people “distracted”, absent, who are in the clouds, secretive, used to denial, hardened.
The tumor almost always reflects a devaluation of our intellect, a lack of intellectual capacity to face a problem.
A dramatic event has occurred in my life that forces me to have to find a solution beyond my usual intellectual capacities.
“I must find an intellectual solution beyond my possibilities”,
“I’m too dumb, but I have to get over it”
Likewise, it may correspond to a devaluation conflict generated by my father. In many cases these are emotional blows linked to a situation or a person that I love and that has made me suffer too much.
Glioma: He talks to me about an intellectual conflict and, in addition, I have felt abandoned by someone.

Stroke: indicates that I have suffered an intellectual devaluation or have lost an intellectual territory.

“I stop fighting, fighting, I’m no longer looking for a solution”
Hemiplegia: it is related to great impotence, I do not have enough strength left to fight or prevent the other from acting on me or to avoid a movement.
It can also be the consequence of having felt betrayed by my family.
In the same way, it warns me of the feeling of being split in half and one of the parts has died or is missing.
Or, having lost the other half (my better half).
Or, maybe my two halves are different because I have been raised by two mothers.

Likewise, it can refer to the memory of an act that I do not want to repeat, linked to death and that paralyzes me.

“My father or my grandfather was part of a firing squad”
Head Injury: It expresses a great mental stubbornness to me about a problem that I go round and round.
We must analyze the part of the body that has been affected by the damage of the trauma.
Stroke: A thrombus prevents blood supply to a part of the brain that is affected by a power I cannot control.
Likewise, he expresses to me that I devalue myself for not being able to confront someone intellectually, I surrender.

Cerebral infarction: it is related to a conflict of loss of intellectual territory.

It has the function of taking us away from a fight, battle or confrontation.
Cerebral embolism: it is the consequence of my regret for relating a bad decision I made.

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