HERPES, emotional and spiritual meaning



Herpes is a skin infection caused by a virus.
This virus lives of people in a latent state and manifests itself in certain circumstances.
Its main symptoms are itching and small blisters that burn and later turn into yellowish scabs.
The herpes virus comes to repair small skin ulcerations that occurred in the active phase of a separation conflict to sensitize the skin and allow greater contact.

Herpes usually occurs around the mouth or sexual organs, on the border between the skin and the mucosa, that is, between the outside and the inside. In herpes we can find a conflict related to the epidermis, the mucosa or the nerve.

The epidermis translates to us a conflict of separation or lack of contact, which can refer to the father, a child, the partner, etc.
The mucosa is something internal, intimate.
Nerves tell us about a conflict related to a desire, to a project. For instance:
“I’m waiting for my partner kiss me, but he hasn’t made up his mind.”
Herpes tells us about a conflict of separation, added to another of dirt, for example: I have been ignored, offended, humiliated, despised, etc.

Herpes can also manifest when I think someone is disgusted.

The repulsive little bladders represent the disgust that I have not been able to express. “I feel dirty or stained because I have not been kissed“, “So much sweetness fills me up”
What makes me sick? What or who disgusts me?
Genital or buttock herpes: Its main characteristic is that it can only be seen by the most intimate people. It can manifest itself in people who have received a puritanical and repressive upbringing in their childhood.
It is an indication that there is sexual discontent or guilt with many regrets.
“I cheated on my wife, even though I still love her”, “I kissed the neighbor but how do I tell my boyfriend”
Parasitic herpes: Situation of shame or guilt related to sexuality.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
Sexually open to exciting experiences and integrate the shadow elements that appear in consciousness.
Realize your own dirty pleasures and desires without resisting, accepting sensitivity.

It is very important to express things at the right time and in the right way, rather than holding them back and saying them later in confusing situations.

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