SPINE, emotional and spiritual meaning

The backbone is a long flexible tube bone holding the head and rests on the hip. 
It consists of thirty-three superposed vertebrae that are distributed like this: cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral and coccygeal.
The spine is the pillar of the Being, it represents our desire to incarnate, to become a living being. 

It is related to the deeper structures, those in which our beliefs and our most intimate set of values are based.

It is the symbol of inner strength, righteousness and sincerity.
The column is involved in the growth, in the maturation process as a human being. 
It is what allows us to keep up, to face the circumstances of life, adversity, and ultimately, to our human condition.
It is the continuation of my fundamentals and its materialization.
Who I am? What I’m going to do with my life?
What are my projects Oor aspirations?

The problems in the spine will refer us to a theme centered around the structure of the individual’s personality. 

It will transmit information to us such as, I do not want, I am not capable, I cannot, I feel powerless or devalued in my life options, as well as in my aspirations or my values.
Neck and cervical spine: This part of the column is related to communication in general. 
Our own communication with ourselves and the communication we have with others.
The seven cervical vertebrae:
C1 = We have the feeling of not being heard. We feel that our opinion goes unnoticed or that nobody takes notice.
Associated with spiritual communication.

Intellectual, mental and reflective devaluation.

It is related to the head (irrigation and scalp), facial bones, brain, middle and inner ears.
C2 = Associated spiritual information. People who receive information or perceive things, but do not dare to speak for different reasons. intellectual, mental and reflexive pullback.
Related to eyes, tongue, sinuses.
C3 = aesthetic appearance Devaluation related with the difficulty to be seen. Trace of rancor.
It is related to the cheeks, face, outer ear.
C4 = Commitment to communication. I desire to always find the balance, to try to fix things or to agree to people with different opinions. 
Difficulty understanding certain things by not having complete information.
Communication problem at work
It is related to the nose, mouth, eustachian tubes.
C5 = Referring to verbal communication itself.

Conflict of injustice: I can never express, say what I think.

I cannot say what I want. I’m afraid to say certain things.
Sometimes I say important things but they do not listen to me or understand me.
If it affects the right side, it indicates that we have the difficulty of expression at home and, if it affects the left side, it refers to communication at work.
Conflict of injustices that have made me feel displaced.
Related to the vocal cords, neck glands and larynx.
C6 = Conflict of injustice and submission. Humiliation. Opposition to authority.
Related to the muscles of the neck, shoulder, tonsils.
C7 = Conflict of injustice. Opposition to authority.
Having to bow your head. Humiliation.
It is related to the thyroid, elbow and shoulder.

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  1. Raven

    What is 'D'? Is it the same as thoracic (T1 etc)

  2. Joman Romero

    Yes, Raven, is it the same, "dorsal or thoracic".

  3. Stranger

    There was a time in my youth when I felt immortal.

    I was strong. Healthy. Full of life.

    Maybe like you, I felt like I could conquer the world.

    Every day I'd wake up, bursting with energy. Feeling unstoppable.

    I'd go out and exercise full out. Or put in a long day at work. Or go on a weekend adventure with friends to the mountains.

    And at the end of the day? I'd still feel REALLY good.

    Tired, but in a good, relaxing, "hit the sack" kinda way.

    Until one day, it happened.

    I was getting out of the car and for some reason, I twisted my back.

    It immediately seized up. Hunched over with hand on my hip, my muscles spasmed as if to protect it.

    The pain was sharp. Deep. Crippling.

    That was a day I'll never forget. That was the day I realized… I was human.

    Getting out of the car was something I'd done a thousand times before. Why did it happen THAT day, I wondered?

    I've replayed it a thousand times in my head, but I'll never know.

    What I do know is that day set off a chain reaction of events.

    Over the years, more unexpected bouts of pain. Days and even weeks off work.

    Make-you-feel-like-a-zombie pain pills.

    Physical therapy. Alternative therapy. Chiropractic.

    Days of "bed rest" watching Jerry Springer.

    Oh, I hated that term "bed rest." It's so not me.

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  4. Unknown

    Stranger what method did u used