CELLULITE, emotional and spiritual meaning

Diffuse inflammation of the subcutaneous connective tissues (cells of the fatty tissue).
Adipose tissue accumulates in certain areas of the body, forming dimples and fat nodules that modify and alter skin and subcutaneous tissue.
Cellulite manifests itself more in women than in men because, for them, physical appearance is very important.
From a very young age, they begin to worry about their appearance, their silhouette that they want to be perfect, according.
Conflict of aesthetic devaluation with respect to a part of the body judged as non-aesthetic by oneself.
This aesthetic devaluation almost always has its origin in past situations that were experienced as injury, abuse or humiliation.

The biological response is to increase in size to appear strength and security, although, at the same time and paradoxically, you hate your own appearance when looking in the mirror.

Thus, the conflict of silhouette generates devaluation, pessimism, and low self-esteem.
It can be activated at puberty, when girls get miniskirts or their periods come:
“I don’t want to be seen”,
“I don’t want my mom and dad to see me become a woman.”
What does cellulite force me to do?
Not to wear skirts and not show my legs.
Why are you forcing yourself not to show your legs?
Perhaps, it may be so as not to be too feminine and provocative.

Other times, cellulite highlights situations and experiences of fear of abandonment experienced in the past, mainly during infancy or childhood.

When we feel abandoned (really or symbolically) we are helpless and the feeling of being in danger invades us.
The person (biologically and unconsciously) begins to generate food reserves and store fats (reserves) because they do not know when they will eat again.
After these experiences of abandonment, unconsciously, find it difficult to commit to other people, fearing that they will repeat themselves.
Generally, cellulite affects people who contain themselves, who do not trust themselves and who care too much about the opinion of others about their physical appearance.
Abdomen: Manifests submission, shame.
“I am ashamed because I did not do what I had to do and that makes me feel down, humiliated”

Arms: “I feel down, humiliated, devalued for not having been or not having done enough for me”

If there is flaccidity in cellulite, it indicates that I lack the will, the strength to support myself.
Transgenerational: devaluation of women in the clan for having felt humiliated, abused, sunk, as a woman.

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