MOLARS, emotional and spiritual meaning

Its function is to “grind” food, therefore closely linked to food.
The premolars have the function of “breaking up” and the grinding wheels that of “pulverizing and crushing”.
If I have problems they warn me of a situation of devaluation due to not being able to bite or not being able to show teeth (and bark) to others, or not being able to express (have to hide the words) in the family.

The first molars are related to our stability, security and ability to occupy our rightful place in life.

They represent our ability to feed ourselves, really and symbolically.
They preserve the memory of our first 6 years.
First upper molars/teeth of the real parents: They represent the place where I was born, the place I occupy in the family, my origin, my family environment, my family stability.
They are related to the food (real and symbolic) that we receive from our parents and with the authority.
Upper right first molar: it tells me how I react to my mother’s authority, what place my mother gives me.
Upper left first molar: It expresses how I react to my father’s authority, what place my father gives me.
Problems in upper first molars: they tell me what I perceive regarding my family situation.
If my parents have been unfair, overprotective, authoritarian, absent, punishing, etc.

Also, if I confront them, if there are fights and arguments, my teeth will show damage.

First lower molars/molars of the symbolic parents.
They represent my adoptive, symbolic parents, and their ability to guarantee my material and emotional security.
They reflect my safe haven a loving environment.
Lower right first molar: they show the emotional and economic security that my mother gives me.
Lower left first molar: it means the emotional and financial security that my father gives me.
Problems in lower first molars: they indicate that I have a deep insecurity, that I lack or am afraid of lacking food, money, affection.
That there was not or is not at home a mother or father physically or emotionally present.
What am I going to live on?
What if they stop loving me?

The second molars: they are related to my ability to find and occupy my rightful place in society.

They are linked to my ability to settle into a job, to have a stable partner and to start a family.
They contain the memory of my first 12 years.
Upper second molars/teeth of transgression: they are the teeth that show the support I receive from others, the way my parents raised me to function in life.
They are linked to the trust, support and endorsement that I receive from others.
Both in the workplace, professional and social.
Upper right second molar: it tells me about my social fidelity to my mother.
Upper left second molar: it expresses my social fidelity to my father.

Upper second molar problems: They warn me about my inability to trust and relate to others.

They also show me that I am not in my right place.
Sometimes it is linked to the fact that I lived through a difficult adolescence.
Lower second molars/teeth of the union: they relate to my life partner, with whom I will build a home, a family. It also represents the friend, the accommodating neighbor who is always ready to give me a hand when I need him.
They are the molars that reveal to me how my marriage or my love and friendship relationships are going.
Lower right second molar: my wife, my girlfriend, my friend, my neighbor.
Lower left second molar: my husband, my boyfriend, my friend, my neighbor.

Lower second molar problems: Any lower second molar problems warn me that I have been betrayed, cheated on, disappointed, etc.

Wisdom teeth: they are linked to my mental maturity, my good sense to make decisions, my autonomy and my ability to feed myself.
Wisdom teeth come out when I have established the principles instilled by my parents and I am perfectly capable of taking responsibility, feeding myself and supporting myself.
The birth of the wisdom teeth announces that I am an adult and that I must be prepared to leave home and start my own family.
If they bother me when they go out they express to me the pain I feel for having grown up and knowing that I can no longer depend on my parents.

The greater the pain, the more it shows me how difficult it is for me to mature.

How painful it is to separate from my parents’ house and stop being a child.
Any discomfort indicates to me that I am an immature person in all aspects that I do not take things seriously and responsibly, and I lack vision for the future.
“Now I’m old enough to have fun, then I’ll look for work”,
“Let my mother take care of my children, I don’t have time”,
“With that money, I’ll buy clothes, we’ll see later”

Small wisdom tooth: “I do not trust my originality, or what I can achieve, I am a small thing”

Wisdom tooth with a single root: “I dare not occupy a space”, “I have little confidence in life”
Wisdom tooth with several roots: “I have a rich and complex personality”,
“I have multiple talents and resources, I can fulfill myself in whatever I want”
Wisdom tooth that never comes out: “I have a visceral fear of dying”
When I need to remove my wisdom tooth it also has its meaning:
Consciously withdrawing it: “I have already decided, it is time to leave the house, move, leave, free myself, etc.”
Unconsciously extracting them (just because it causes us a lot of pain):
“I give up seeing for myself, I give up walking alone, I want to backtrack, I want to be young and remain under the protection of my parents”

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  1. Unknown

    Can you address issues of having broken teeth #12 and #13. These both have extracted due to infection. I am a metaphysical thinker, so I'm interested to hear more about the emotional and spiritual understanding of losing these two teeth. Thank you so much.

  2. Joman Romero

    You can look in the teeth section.

  3. Unknown

    This is a great gift to humanity. Thank you so much for your deep thought and vigilant work to put it out there! I came across this when I had my #30 molar taken out, in great pain.

  4. Joman Romero

    Thank you