VERTIGO, emotional and spiritual meaning

Vertigo is a hallucinatory sensation of movement of objects around us or of our own body, usually a spinning sensation.
The biological meaning of vertigo is to prevent a movement that scares me.
If I have vertigo, dizziness or loss of balance, what happens to me is that I am living a very great stress situation because I do not have control, over my movements, over what happens around me, over what I should do, etc.
Vertigo can refer to hearing or not hearing, seeing or not seeing, making or not making a movement, etc.
This movement may be related to fear of falling or of something falling or falling down, work, project, marriage, family, partner, etc.

When I manifest symptoms of vertigo, I have to find out what change I am experiencing that force me to change my way of living.

Or, what change approaches my life that I refuse to accept. I live this change or option of change with suffering, although those who are in my environment do not perceive it, because I am very skilled at saying and demonstrating to others that I am fine or that the change has caused me great good, but not i tell the truth.
I am unable to show others my feelings, how much changes affect me and how badly I live them.
“I live a change that is sad to me”, “I live a change that is unpleasant to me”,
“This change hurts me, but I do not show it”,
“I feel on the edge of the abyss”,
“There is a change that I do not want”,
“I hate this change, but I keep quiet “,
“I am not or I was not ready for this “, “I did not expect this, I do not accept it, I do not want it “, “This is not for me, this is not my thing “, “No I enjoy this new life, I love my past ”.

In the same way, I can also feel dizzy when I find myself living a situation that makes me feel “unstable”, insecure in front of others.

Likewise, the anguish at the idea of ​​having to make a decision that makes me face the unknown can cause me dizziness, more or less pronounced.
Vertigo expresses my desire to want to control everything, both what happens inside me and what happens outside, but, not being possible, I become unstable and anxious.
It can also make me dizzy if I’m afraid of the future. “In front of me is nothingness and I am forced to move forward”
Inner ear: it warns me that “I can’t bear to hear something” that destabilizes me.
He also tells me that I have no references in my life (it could be the father).
“I have lost my references.” It is as if I have no reference to direct me,
I have the impression that “my father”, or the one who represents him, is absent or should help me more, regarding the decisions I want to make.

Common vertigo: it warns me that I must drastically change my life, the trajectory of life that I lead if I do not want to die here.

Central vertigos: they speak to me about my position, my approach related to a dirty situation, against which I need to protect myself.
Peripheral vertigo: they tell me that I am afraid of the future.
It also tells me that I have lost my references or that I am missing; it can affect the motor skills of the legs.
In short, it can be said that any feeling of vertigo is due to a lack of coherence between what the person feels and lives and what he says and does.
People affected by vertigo are stubborn, strong headed.

They refuse to look to the future with optimism and to see how beautiful and how positive changes can bring to their life.

I have to find out if this program of fear of falling is mine or if I have inherited it in the Sense Project from my parents.

Or, perhaps, I was programmed by an ancestor with whom I have an affinity and I have to look for stories related to great falls (work, projects, house, etc.) that could have affected the whole family.

In the same way, it can refer to physical falls that have caused the death of someone and, which caused great pain in the clan.

Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
People who suffer from vertigo need to learn to accept, enjoy and be grateful for any new change that occurs in their life; considering it as a new challenge and opportunity offered to do different things, to learn with them and evolve in consciousness.

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