KYPHOSIS: emotional and spirutual causes


It is the physiological curvature of the spine in the dorsal region.
Difficulty to individualize.
The person affected by this disease feels a little forced to look down, down to earth. 
It is well known that the earth symbolically represents the mother, Mother-Earth. 
Therefore, kyphosis expresses a conflict related to the mother, within a frame of pressure, subordination and obligation. 
“I am obliged to care or to watch my mother”, “It is the others that force me to take care of my mother”
“My mother forced me to take responsibility for ..”
Conflict: Forbidden move unhindered. “I cannot be happy” (because my mother is sick, etc.)
Inability to flow with life.
Lack of courage in their convictions. 
Lack of integrity.

The victim does not feel free and remains attached to his/her mother. 

Somehow it does not feel right to be himself/herself and prevented from advancing to meet their own autonomy.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:

I free all fears. I trust the process of life. 
I know life is in my favour. 
I stand with love to my full height.

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    This stuff is sooo true
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