LARYNX, emotional and spiritual meaning

The larynx is the part of the respiratory system that continues with the trachea and opens into the pharynx and mouth. 
It contains the glottis, which is the organ of phonation, and the epiglottis, which works by closing the glottis during swallowing and preventing the passage of solids and liquids into the airways and lungs.
An affection of the larynx usually occurs after an event in which my breath was cut off.
I was so scared that no sound could come out of my mouth, I was breathless and silent.
I was taken by surprise, to the point that I had the feeling that my life was in danger.

All diseases of the larynx have to do with the fear of expressing something.

There is something that we are not able to say and that we need to express.
The message does not get through, and you have to make it happen. I want to scream and I can’t.
It may also be related to programs inherited from our ancestors by stories in the family tree concerning hanging or drowning experiences in the clan.
Or in the process of birth when the umbilical cord is wrapped around the neck and prevents us from starting to breathe.
When the epiglottis is affected: the biological function of this organ is to make the food bolus (mouthful) go the right way. When problems arise, he tells us of opposing forces or in disputes, also of taking false routes, of taking a wrong or overlapping path:
“Do I have to swallow it all or should I protest?”
Laryngitis: It tells of an inflammation of the larynx, the essential organ of phonation, where sound is produced through the vocal cords.

It is manifested by hoarseness with a cough and sometimes shortness of breath may also occur.

This inflammation occurs when we have become angry with someone, the anger and resentment that we have repressed prevent us from speaking or screaming.
In the stress phase: nervous coughing is manifested.
It indicates that we are living a stressful situation caused by something that we are afraid to say.
In the healing phase: a hoarse voice appears, because we have already said what we were afraid to say.

In general, it indicates to us that we have problems communicating; we feel an excruciating fear that after we speak, something will change or be finished or destroyed.

It may be that we want to say something, but we hold back, for fear of not being heard or of upsetting the family.
“I want to say something, but I can’t, because if I say it the family explodes.”
“The word I say causes a drama.”
“I speak a truth and the family breaks down”
We literally swallow the words, but they stay in our throats, ready to come out;
“The message does not pass and you have to make it happen.”
In the same way, we reproach ourselves for having made mistakes when speaking or having said something stupid and we are afraid that they will judge us for it.
“I do not express myself for fear of ridicule”,
“I suppress my rebellion, I feel suffocated”

Or perhaps, we are afraid of disappointing someone, who for us represents an authority on the matter,

if we say what we have to say.
Laryngeal dyspnea: “I want to scream, but I can’t”
Laryngeal cancer: it occurs after a great unexpected shock that could have been related to a territorial conflict of fear (fear of losing one’s job, partner, home, etc.).
I have a great need to express my pain, my disturbance and I would like to scream all the anguish that I carry inside, but I am very afraid to express myself.
Is there a person or situation that prevents me from expressing myself?
“It is better to be silent because it would be useless for him to speak” ,
“I would like to get angry but I don’t dare” , “I don’t feel respected for who I am”

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