ARTERIOSCLEROSIS, emotional and spiritual meaning

It is manifested by a hardening of the arteries and arterioles, implying above all depletion and a loss of elasticity at the level of the wall of these, an increasingly weak capacity for dilation and blood circulation.
The arteries lose flexibility because I have a straight and “hard” behavior to be able to carry food home. 
The distribution path is hardened,
it is reaffirmed so that it is easier to distribute, even if that brings me the danger of bursting the channel.
The artery hardens when the person has hardened inside.
It is the manifestation of a very strong resistance and a physical and inner mental narrowness. 

The person has fixed and ruthless ideas, is usually intransigent, rigid and without compassion; you also tend to see only the dark or negative side of life.

This hardening is a consequence of the fear of not doing things well.
And, perhaps, to the inflexibility to live life with joy, due to a strict sense of duty and emotional insensitivity.
It may be the consequence of having closed me to love after a traumatic experience in which I felt rejected.
Why express my feelings?
Likewise, he expresses my devaluation for not being able to perform my paternal role.
“I do not take food home”,
“I am not a good provider”,
“There is nothing good for me”,
“I cannot say I love you, nor give love or receive it.”
In the lower limbs: it warns me of my inability to leave my house or, for not being able to go far in the conquest of other “territories”.
Cerebral arteriosclerosis: it expresses my helplessness for not being able to get my thoughts out of my head.
The patient with arteriosclerosis refuses to see the good in life, has lost faith and is reluctant to continue.

The soul is sick and has a struggle between the pleasures of the flesh and spiritual values.

Sometimes, he lets go of his negativity by criticizing small details in life, in order not to recognize and face his lack of adaptation.

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