PREGNANCY problems, emotional and spiritual meaning

At the biological level, pregnancy is like a tumor and at first the mother produces antibodies to deal with this foreign body. 
It is the only “natural tumor” in the uterus with cell multiplication, with the particularity that they are cells from another person.
Fertilization is the concretization of a project.
A child’s project is conscious on the one hand and unconscious on the other.
On many occasions he is totally unconscious.
Pregnancy may itself be a conflict, but the woman may not be aware of it.
It may be an unwanted child due to a failure in contraceptive methods, because it happens in an unwanted moment for the woman, because she does not consider the right man as a father or, perhaps, she does not feel happy within the new family, etc.
On the contrary, pregnancy can often represent the resolution of a conflict.

For example: by not being able to have children, the woman may feel useless, or feel that she lacks a place of her own and therefore feel devalued.

She may have problems of lack of recognition of her own femininity and, however, when she becomes pregnant these conflicts disappear, they no longer affect her.
The resolution of these conflicts is usually accompanied by physical symptoms such as profuse edema or vomiting, which usually disappear after two months of pregnancy, if they occur for a longer time could affect the normal development of the baby.
Pathologies of pregnancy and childbirth:
Ectopic or extrauterine pregnancy: If a fertilized egg implants outside the uterus it is called an ectopic or extrauterine pregnancy.
Disgruntled reproduction conflict.
The biological sense of this type of event is to avoid an unwanted pregnancy unconsciously, the conscious part of the woman wants to get pregnant but, unconsciously, not.
It is a pregnancy wanted and rejected at the same time.
The woman wants and does not want, at the same time.

She for different reasons she rejects this pregnancy (worries, financial problems, not having time to take care of the baby, problems at work, as a couple, etc.)

Thus the phrases that you could hear from a woman are:
“I would like to have a child and I do not want to have one”,
“This is not the right time”,
I cannot take responsibility for this baby in this environment.
The space I have in my house is very small”.
Who is the father, my husband or my lover?
“He’s not the right parent”
In the same way, it can manifest itself when the woman maintains a violent relationship with her partner.
My pregnancy is out of the norm, customary, for example, has occurred as a result of rape.
It can also occur when parents do not accept or directly reject the man as their daughter’s partner.
Anembryonic gestation: it is an egg that is fertilized by a sperm, but does not initiate the process of cell division that leads to the formation of the baby.
The egg is said to be “empty”.
”Have the desire of a child”

The mother has a great desire to have a child, but without a project, without materializing.

She is pregnant with a wish.
It can also happen that the mother has a great desire to have the child and the father a great desire not to have it, or vice versa.
Uterinecontractions during pregnancy: it may be due to a drama experienced by the mother during pregnancy.
The uterus contracts as if she wants to eliminate the baby.
The baby feels pain and lack of space at some point, so the solution is to have the birth before the contractions.
We can find out: what did the mother experience in the same month of pregnancy with her own mother?
Example: “I would like to kick someone out of my house, my family, go myself”
Toxemia: The placenta becomes toxic. “I am afraid of death, I am afraid of dying during childbirth”
Eclampsia: It is the acute accident of toxemia gravidarum that consists of a repeated attack of seizures followed by a coma.
It is a serious problem of urgency; bleeding, hypertension, edema, eventually epilepsy, kidney problems, etc. occur during childbirth.
The mother is as if she has the feeling or the need to:

“I want to kill someone to give life to this child (Husband, Father, etc.)”

Edema: when edema appears in the legs or arms, it may be a conflict resolution phase prior to conception and in this resolution the notion of:
“I lose all my references” appears.
Hemorrhages: Hemorrhage is linked to blood and it represents the family, therefore it is a conflict in relation to the family.
“I want to eliminate someone from my family”
If it is a blood clot, it can mean:
“I want to eliminate the union between two people or this union attacks me”
Anemia: it appears due to a conflict of self-devaluation.
“I don’t want to disturb the other; I don’t want to take his place, his oxygen”,
“I am afraid of disturbing”,
“I don’t have the right to be in this family”,
“To survive it is necessary not to respond, not to fight”,
“I have no right to fight”
Hemorrhoids: They affect the veins that are around the anus therefore it is a familiar topic.
Who I am? “I have no place in this family. I have no place with this new identity (Mom)”.

Who am I, my husband’s wife or my child’s mother?

Overproduction of milk: I am afraid for the baby during pregnancy (for example, having undergone several amniocentesis).
Descaling: As it affects the bones, it is a devaluation conflict.
What am I good for? I feel useless.
RH incompatibility: “I don’t want this toxic and deadly family and I must protect my son.”
“I would like my son not to belong to this family”
Esophageal atresia: (The esophagus does not develop properly)
My son needs only me and I want to give him everything through my blood.
Arterial hypertension: it may mean that the mother resists defending herself and fight, to protect the family. In some cases it happens that her partner does not want the baby and wants her to abort.
Pregnancy diabetes: emotional conflict in which I resist a negative situation with my baby, added to reluctance that there is something negative.

“I resist the danger of my baby’s death because I’m older, because I’ve already lost one”,

“I resist my baby being born with any disease”
If she persists after the pregnancy, it may be because she had received nasty attacks from her partner or her father and will disappear when she is released from that situation.
Spots on the face: (See Chloasmas)
Umbilical cord around the neck: In many cases, people who have experienced this situation, as adults, may feel tightness at the throat level.
They will get into a thousand entanglements because they understand that to live they have to fight.
“To live, I must fight”

It may also indicate that the mother had relationship problems with her partner.

There is an archaic biological memory that determines that it is better to save the couple than the child.
“It is necessary to sacrifice the child, for the couple to live”
They may have problems with liquidity (including financial liquidity) “If I have liquid, it can kill me”
People born with the umbilical cord around the neck, as adults, often have difficulties to earn a living, to be financially autonomous, because their unconscious has recorded that the age of autonomy of the person.
That is, the exit from the mother’s womb, represents a danger of death.
Previous placenta: (it is when the placenta is placed in the cervix and the baby cannot come out).
“I protect my son from rape by his father or from any other attack.
My child could be assaulted”. (It may happen to a woman that she does not feel like having sex much during her pregnancy, but nevertheless, her partner asks for it.)
Premature detachment of the placenta: Separation of the placenta from the uterine wall before giving birth to the baby.
The placenta has a protective function.

I stop caring about the baby (stop protecting it) due to the appearance of a problem that I consider to be of greater importance.

At some point I receive a fear so strong that I fear for my life, and as a biological solution I stop worrying about the baby to save my life.
Toxic mom conflict: “I am afraid of being toxic and of hurting my baby.”
(For example, in women who drink alcohol, smoke or take drugs).
“The outside world is dangerous” (These are women who are afraid to relate).
Cancerof the placenta: “I am afraid of not being able to carry my pregnancy well”
Premature breakage of water: It usually occurs before week 37.
Survival conflict: “To be born as soon as possible”
Devaluation conflict: “As a mother, I believe that I will not be able to give the child what she needs”
Premature contractions: premature contractions are considered if they appear before week 36.
The baby wants to be born as soon as possible, he feels that there is danger, something is wrong in there; it is preferable to leave as soon as possible.

It is necessary to find out what dangers there were in previous deliveries or pregnancies within the family.

Were there abortions?
Twins: The meaning may be linked to the loss of a previous child or other deaths of children in the family.
They can also occur in families with hyperthyroidism problems, “many children have to be done quickly and to buy time they have multiple pregnancies”
Types of childbirth: It is very important to find out how we were born because depending on how the birth was, it can affect us, in one way or another, the rest of our lives.
Birth blocked: Blocked delivery, at the beginning the pregnancy goes very well, but it lasts too long and is blocked, then fetal distress begins and an emergency cesarean section is necessary. 
From this experience, people develop their projects well but find it difficult to complete them.
Something always happens that prevents them from successfully completing what they undertake and demanding help.
“If I finish I will die”

Very fast births, no time to get to the hospital:“Being born quickly saved my life”.

They feel that being fast is a good solution and that is why they do everything in an accelerated way.
Very slow births: “Being born slowly saved my life”
Subsequently, these people are not in a hurry, they do everything slowly, they are usually lazy people.
Breech births: “I show who I am.” I was expected as a boy, but I am a girl or vice versa.
“Everything outside is black, negative and I want to back down. Fear of going forward”.
Delayed births: The gestation period ends and the woman do not go into labor.
The baby cannot continue inside any longer.

On the part of the child, “I don’t want to go out and I stop my birth”,

On the mother’s side, “I want to continue being a girl, I don’t feel ready”
Or, “I don’t feel ready to separate from my son”
Accident child: child that arrives without being expected, without looking for it.
Suddenly the mother realizes that she is pregnant.
“Shit I’m pregnant”
The moment of knowing the news can mark and put the label of “unwanted” to the child and she can carry it all her life if she is not aware of it and transcends it.

The most common reaction in unwanted children is usually to want to be erased from the map, they appear not to exist.

Since you have the feeling of annoying everyone (since they are not wanted), the best solution is to physically erase yourself from the map, leave, disappear, in order to be accepted.
The other possible reaction is the opposite:
“As I am here to screw up everyone, then I screw up everyone”
The accident itself is the solution.
If there has been an attempted abortion, the message will be:
“If I die I will save the whole world”
In case of intense conflicts, they can be people who have suicidal tendencies.
Abortion: (Premature termination and termination of pregnancy before day 180).
It is an unconscious survival decision. It is not possible to continue with the idea of ​​having the baby because it can threaten our own life, the life of the baby or both.
Fear that the child will alter the future of the mother.
Fear of not being a good mother or that the child may suffer serious problems in his life or in her development.

It is necessary to inquire into the family history in case there have been abortions, deaths of children or stages of difficulty in their survival.

Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
A woman should become a mother knowing what she is doing, because giving birth to a child is one thing, any woman can do it, but being a mother is a special quality, since the child is in her womb it totally depends on her. .
Later, when the child is born, the mother also feels as if she were being born again.
And when the child begins to grow, the mother also grows with him.

When the woman feels that she is ready to love unconditionally that would be the exact moment to get pregnant.

The solution is in love, in surrender. In seeking union with the new being and serving him selflessly.
In this way, neither the fear of responsibility nor the selfish feeling of losing freedom would have a place in the womb of the woman to cause an abortion.
When a mother focuses on the needs of her child, the pregnancy develops harmoniously.

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