BRONCHIAL TUBES, emotional and spiritual meaning


The bronchi represent my living space, my boundaries in the territory, mainly linked to my partner, my family and my professional environment.
The ulceration (loss of cells) of the walls of the bronchi allows the entry of more air, preparing a better biological response to the conflicts that I live in the territory, I make more space.

When my bronchi are affected, it means that I have lived or am living a situation in which I feel fear in the territory.

I feel that there is a threat that is approaching, although the danger has not yet arrived is near. It can refer to someone, who unexpectedly invades my territory, when I did not expect it. 
This made me change my plans, I could not do what I had planned and, even, I force myself to do things that I did not want. It is essential to find out what territory I mean and then analyze what threat is approaching and scares me.
For example, a distant relative tells me that he is going to pass by my house (the house is the territory and my relative is the threat) and he forces me to clean it, prepare his room, change my routine to attend to him, etc.

Or maybe it’s my boss who asks me to do a task outside of my working hours (the territory is my job and the threat is my boss) to prepare an urgent order that they have requested and upsets all my plans.

Another reason that can cause discomfort in my bronchial tubes is if I have had an argument with someone at home or at my work and I have felt unable to defend myself, explain or justify myself for something I have done. 
I try to explain my behavior, but they keep my mouth shut or they won’t let me speak and, not only that, but on top of that they criticize or make fun of the way I do things.
“I feel threatened in my territory”
Therefore, before any symptoms I have to analyze, unforeseen events that alter my life, fights, arguments, differences of opinion, annoying advice that they have given me, annoying requests that they have ordered, etc. 
These are situations in which I have sought to defend my ideas, principles, freedom, customs or tastes, in front of someone and I have not succeeded, I have felt incapable of defending myself in my territory.
Bronchitis: Bronchitis is an inflammation of the lining of the bronchi.

If I have bronchitis, it warns me that I have lived or am living in a conflictive, suffocating family environment, with fights, screaming and where there have been people or situations with which I did not feel comfortable and I have felt attacked.

I have not digested it internally, I have not liked it, it has caused me a lot of damage, but I have retained my painful thoughts and have not expressed them verbally.
As a result, I have lost my zest for life and have fallen into an internal state of exhaustion and dejection.
“They take away my air, my living space is threatened and I can hardly breathe”, “I feel invaded,” In the atmosphere, there are so many fights that it is difficult for me to breathe.
Likewise, bronchitis can originate if I am threatened with loss or have lost an affective territory.
Example: a girl suffers from bronchitis on the right side after her grandmother resumed an emotional relationship with another granddaughter, with whom she had not had any contact for a long time.
She felt like her grandmother would no longer love her the same as before.
Muscles of the bronchi: they are affected if I feel impotence not to be able to flee or attack.

Mucosa of the bronchi: it informs me about a situation of separation or fear of being separated in the territory.

“They threaten me in the territory and I am afraid of…”,
“The space that I have, I do not want it and I close myself to the space that they impose on me”
Sub-mucosa: it warns me of my impotence to catch a mouthful of air.
Bronchospasm: it manifests when I am breathing something harmful in my territory (real or symbolic) or, for having breathed water and feeling fear of drowning.
Need to expel an intruder from my territory.
Bronchopneumonia: it is linked to a dispute or fight that I have experienced and that could have ended with a death or a separation.
Bronchiolitis: it tells us about the child’s fear of separation from his mother.
Flu bronchitis: it means that I cannot or do not have the right to complain.
Bronchiectasis: Abnormal dilation of one or more bronchi.
It produces bad breath, coughing spells and purulent mucus. 

The sense of the dilation of the bronchi responds to the need for more air (life) to enter my bronchi (my territory).

I feel subdued in my territory”, “There are too many people in my territory, I need to increase its”
Hemorrhages in the bronchi: it means that I want to leave this family or I want a member of my family to leave my territory.
Bronchial cancer: Tells me about a shocking emotional conflict of territory and fear of dying. He also warns me that there is a threat to the unity of the couple.
In right-handed people, for left-handed people the other way around.
If fear stands out, the left-sided bronchus will be affected.
If what predominates is the affective territory, the bronchus on the right side will be affected.
People affected by bronchitis tend to have a competitive attitude in life, they can be very susceptible and irritable and that is why, through coughing, which is an aggressive expression, they expel to the outside everything that they do not like or that is uncomfortable.
“I reject the intruder, the stranger, the authority”
Any setback or difficulty translates into bronchitis.
If after analyzing and examining our lives, we do not find identification with any of the causes,

it is necessary to review our genealogical tree to determine which of our doubles lived this type of conflict and we have inherited it.

In the same way, we have to look at the Sense Project, if one of my parents or both, could have experienced conflicts of fear and threats in the territory and have programmed us to suffer from problems in the bronchi.

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  1. Mimi

    Very accurate description about the spiritual cause for bronchitis. My husband and I argue quite a bit, I find myself wanting to explain my perspective , opinion or outlook but he dominates the conversation and won’t let me speak. He just gets louder and louder. It’s so frustrating and disrespectful and the main reason why I’ve been telling him I want to separate. He won’t work on his aggressive dominating communication issues even though he mentioned he needs to. Life’s too short. I’m reading to move on! But of course there’s an obstacle with him moving out so I’m having to be extremely patient. Very hard.