AGORAPHOBIA, emotional and spiritual meaning:

This disorder consists of intense fear and anxiety of being in places from which it is difficult to escape or where help would not be available.

The origin of agoraphobia may have been in the womb.

The one who suffers from it continues to be very dependent on the emotional plane of his mother; he has not been able to cut the maternal bond.
“I’m fine in my mother’s womb, but I perceive great danger outside”,
“I don’t get into situations that I can’t control”,
“If something happens, no one will be able to help me”
These are very sensitive and receptive people on a psychic level, who absorb the emotions of others, especially fears and do not know how to discern or protect themselves from this emotional influence of others, which significantly increases their own fears.
Probably, they have lived in a conflicting family environment, in which during their childhood, they had to take too much responsibility for something or someone (usually the mother).
That is, they have assumed responsibilities that did not correspond to them.
They tend to have a very high attachment to criticize, they constantly complain about how things are going and, especially, criticize the mother.
This symptom is strongly linked to an unconscious fear of death and insanity.

Likewise, we must search the family tree for situations related to the cold.

For example, someone who was trapped by the cold or who even died from the cold.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
It is necessary to talk to the mother and find out what she was feeling during her pregnancy
In the same way, she has to cut the ties of dependency on her mother.

The person suffering from agoraphobia needs to accept and integrate fears, especially the fear of “losing one’s place”, in order to be in harmony with oneself and with the world.

She must establish a responsible and healthy relationship with her mother’s part in order to start living a life in balance.

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