UTERUS, emotional and spiritual meaning

The uterus is a hollow muscular organ, its inner wall is lined by a spongy tissue whose mission is to contain the fertilized egg during pregnancy and expel the baby at the time of delivery.
Two parts are distinguished in it: In the upper part, the body, where the tubes flow; and in the lower one, the neck, oriented towards the vagina.
The biological function of the uterus ranges from conception to the birth of the baby.

It is the place in which the baby’s nest develops, in which the future baby lives, the one that welcomes it and makes it grow and that is why the unconscious associates it with the “house”, “nest”.

It is the place where the family is created and lives, where children are educated and trained.
That is why any problem in it will always be related to the word home: what I lack at home, what happens to me, those who live in my house or those who have left home.
Or also, if my house has been invaded, I have lost it or it is being destroyed, etc.
That is, I will always have to analyze conflicts, real or symbolic, related to the house.
Therefore, the uterus symbolizes the child, the gestation, the ability to have children; also the nest, the house, the family; the partner, the ability to find a partner and sexuality, since this function is one of the strongest in nature.
Uterus: mucosa of the body (endometrium). It has its correspondence with the prostate in men.
“Family out of the ordinary”

The biological function of the endometrium goes from conception to the end of childbirth, consequently, the conflicts that affect this part of the uterus range from sexual problems to losses.

Like, for example, having sexual behavior that is considered dirty or outside the norms; or difficulties in getting a pregnancy, or loss of children, grandchildren, etc.
It can also be affected when a grandmother suffers a great displeasure relative to her grandchildren, due to bad behavior of one of them with her partner or due to a certain sexual behavior that she considers horrible.
Polyps: Abnormal growth of the endometrium can lead to polyps that attach to the wall of the uterus.

A polyp has the function of closing that pathway so that nothing else can enter.

Endometrial polyps can cause infertility and make it difficult to maintain a pregnancy. A polyp shows a woman’s insecurity about her ability to carry out a pregnancy. 
They also show her doubts to fully commit to her partner, as well as her fears about the possibility of receiving her child in a family environment or in a home that does not meet all the characteristics that the woman wants for her child.
Another cause that is related to polyps refers to certain “dirty things” experienced on a sexual level.
Uterus: smooth muscles.

This part of the uterus (myometrium) is affected by devaluation conflicts due to not being able to get pregnant, have a child or have the desired family. 

“The son I will never have”, 
“I am not able to bring a child into the world!” (It can occur after an abortion, induced or spontaneous, of a stillborn baby, etc.). 
Wish for an ideal pregnancy.
Cervicitis: the discomfort in the cervix is ​​linked to the fear of being sterile or with the desire to be sterile.
They are also related to feeling rage, anger or guilt in the sexual aspect.
Carcinoma of the uterus: The woman has to find out if, in the last year, she has experienced an emotional conflict related to sexuality considered disgusting, dirty, etc.
She may have been harassed with touching, handling, unwanted penetration, rape, etc., and of course she has been in an unexpected and dramatic way.

On a symbolic level and given that the uterus represents the house; she will have to find out if what she has suffered has been a violation of her house or if something disgusting has happened in her house.

In grandmothers it can happen as a consequence of having suffered a very strong separation conflict from a grandchild due to illness, abandonment, suicide, etc.
Faced with any disease related to the uterus, it is necessary to become aware of the circumstances experienced in the Sense Project and in the possible inherited transgenerational programs that may affect them and, of course, of the fears and insecurities that are blocking them. 
In this way, she will be able to make the necessary changes to free her and fulfill her in life.

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