SPLEEN, emotional and spiritual meaning


The spleen is located at the base of the left lung. It is an energy distribution center and plays a very important role within the immune system; it transforms blood, destroys used red blood cells, and manufactures new ones.
At the spiritual level, it acts as a communication center and all the energy that is generated through exercises aimed at expanding consciousness, such as meditation, passes through it.
Therefore, on the physical plane the spleen is responsible for increasing our defenses and on a spiritual level, it provides us with protection, confidence and security.

If my spleen is affected, it warns me that I have had an experience in which I have felt stabbed or assaulted in the back, really or symbolically. 

If I am a trusting, secure, loyal, friendly person and suddenly I feel betrayed by someone that I would never have imagined would, (brother / sister, father, mother, friend, etc.) it can feel like a stabbing in the back.
In the same way, the discomfort in the spleen shows me the fear that I may have regarding my blood.
For example: real fear of losing blood (bleeding, menstruation), or symbolic (losing my family). 
Or I can think that my blood is not good or that it is scarce and, therefore, I could have difficulties at the time of having an accident, etc.
Perhaps, I am also afraid of dying in a “bloodbath”
Likewise, it can indicate a self-devaluation due to my ineptitude in combat due to bleeding from a wound, sore, transfusion (the brain does not distinguish blood loss if it is due to injury or transfusion).
Or also due to a diagnostic conflict related to leukemia.
“I feel that I do not belong to this family”,
“I feel that my blood (real or symbolic) is not too good”,
“My family is falling apart”, “I am a shit unable to fight”,
“I do not have enough blood”, “I lack blood in my veins”,
“Fear of lack of blood”

Psychologically, the spleen can be weakened when I live life in a way that is too reasonable, with excessive respect for the rules and a predisposition to have fixed, dark and negative ideas that sap my energy when facing life. 

As a consequence, I cannot find a place for pleasure and fun and I lack that much-needed joy.
I always live very worried about my family.
Or about my professional and material affairs and I am enormously obsessed with the fear of failing, of not knowing.
The fear of not being up to the task because I consider myself incapable, incorrect or not good, etc.

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  1. Anahata Maa

    Wonderfully insightful and accurate.
    Covered so many areas of my life 😱oh my Goddess moments
    Thank you for sharing this information so generously

  2. Chey

    How can one heal the spleen?

    1. Joman Romero

      Hello, becoming aware and reprogramming the mind.
      Similar to this: In order for the spleen to perform its functions, it normally needs calm that is why music harmonizes it. Calm means that the person has removed the obsessions and has solved his problems.
      When does this happen?
      At the moment that I allow myself to have desires that bring me pleasure and joy.
      Or when I stop believing that I am not strong enough and watch over my integrity and begin to combat external influences.
      When I have confidence in myself to make my own decisions and I trust the natural process of life.