MOUTH, emotional and spiritual meaning

It is the cavity of the face that communicates with the digestive system and the respiratory tract.
The mouth is an organ of incorporation “we catch the bite”
It allows us to savor before swallowing, rejecting, eating, feeding and also expressing ourselves.
Through it, the body receives the substances it needs to function: food, water, air, etc.
And something comes out of it that makes communication with others possible: the voice.
Through this we can express our thoughts and feelings outwards.

With the mouth we can kiss or spit, give words of encouragement or sow discord, manifest ourselves soft as a stream or hard as thunder.

Thus, it is a two-way street and, the problems in this area will express one aspect or another.
Resistance to what we take, to the unpleasant experiences of life that “are not to our liking” and that “we they leave a bitter taste in the mouth”.
Or a conflict with our expression and ability to say what we want (conflict of hearing an insult and not being able to respond).
Biologically, problems in the mouth always show a refusal to “digest”, assume or accept new ideas.

The affections of the mouth reveal an irritation, either by what we eat that does not allow us to savor life.

Or by the way we express ourselves and, both can mean anger towards others, as towards oneself.
They warn us of a situation of devaluation in relation to the word, to the expression, perhaps because we do not feel listened to or because we cannot express ourselves.
For example, when we are forced to listen to an unpleasant comment and we have not been able to respond.
Stomatitis (oral inflammation): means unexpressed anger.
We do not allow ourselves to express our aggressiveness.

The mouthful that we make inside the mouth or on the tongue indicate that what they propose or what we say does not satisfy us. 

They also show that we are holding ourselves back from expressing something that we prefer to hide.
Or, that we feel guilty for having said something and, in that way, we are blaming ourselves for it.
Crooked mouth: The imbalance in the mouth when speaking indicates an imbalance in the ideas that are expressed.
Dry mouth: It is to try to avoid swallowing something that they force us to do.
It also tells us that we lack security when it comes to expressing ourselves.

Mouth cancer: Its origin may be due to a serious emotional impact of devaluation related to the difficulty of not having been able to catch a bite through the word.

Perhaps because we cannot express ourselves or we cannot be valued (emotional food).
“I can’t catch a mouthful”,
“I can’t express (drop) a mouthful”
As “mouthful” we understand from real or emotional food to words or affectionate contact.

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