BLOOD disorders, emotional and spiritual meaning



Blood symbolizes life; it is the carrier of vital energy, of the joy of living that runs freely through the body.
But it also represents family, “blood ties”. 
When we suffer from a blood-related disease, the first thing we must ask ourselves is how does my relationship with the members of my family, with the people who carry the same blood, works?
Circulatory problems mean that we are not allowing life to circulate freely within us and that we have a hard time expressing our joie de vivre, our love for life.
“Life no longer has meaning”

At the origin of this blockage there is almost always a conflict of deep devaluation with respect to some member of the family or before the family itself.

For example, feeling separated or not recognized by the family, wanting to leave the family, wanting another or other members to leave the family, etc.
Red blood cells: they are transported by oxygen and carbon dioxide, symbolizing blood ties.
Polyglobulia: Increase in the total volume of red blood cells.
It tells us that we are afraid of dying from some problem related to the blood, or from a lack of red blood cells.
Example: because a family member died of a hemorrhage.
Hyperglobulinemia: Increase in red blood cells.

It happens to us when we have a seriously ill loved one and we fear for their life.

“Desire to give life to someone”, “I want to provide more oxygen, more life”
Thalassemia: The body makes an abnormal form of hemoglobin, the protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen.
This disorder causes excessive destruction of red blood cells, leading to anemia.
This happens sometimes when we become obsessed with helping another person.
Acanthocytosis: Presence of acantocytes in the blood (spine-shaped deformed red blood cells).
It warns us of devaluation at the family level. Its origin can be found in some program inherited from an ancestor or during the Sense Project.

I can feel attacked within the family environment and I need to defend myself.

“My family drowns me.”
White blood cells: They are responsible for detecting foreign elements and defend us from them.
It clearly shows us a situation of specific devaluation in a climate of attack/defense within the family.
The devaluation may be programmed into the family tree and we have inherited it to repair it.
“Lack of security within the family”,
“I defend myself; I have the impression that they do not like me”
Neutrophil: it defends us against bacterial diseases.
Eosinophil: expresses a disappointment in relation to allergic diseases.
Monocytes: they tell me about “my” identity with respect to myself.

Lymphocytes: they warn me of “my” identity with respect to others.

Hypereosinophilia: shows us our concern to defend the clan.
It also tells me that I have felt unprotected by my father.
Agranulocytosis: it means I am not capable or I have difficulties to defend myself.
If I attack, I attack myself, if I defend myself, I come out worse off.
Therefore, I withdraw and live safely without fighting, removing my defenses from contact with the outside.
Platelets: they are those that clot the blood to prevent it from being lost in a hemorrhage.

If there is an increase in platelets it means that I feel much attached to the clan,

I need to always be attached to it.
“I feel bad if I am not surrounded by my family”
Plaquetopenia (platelet deficiency): decrease in the number of platelets circulating in the bloodstream normal levels.
It manifests itself after a serious family conflict, for which I am wearing myself too much trying to unite, to unite the family again.
“I am unable to unite the clan”,
“As much as I try, I can’t bring the family together”,
“I can’t get my family to integrate.”, “I am no longer able to fight”,  “I cannot join my family”,
“I feel isolated in my family”

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