MIGRAIN, emotional and spiritual meaning

A migraine is a severe, throbbing headache that usually affects one side of the head, although it can affect both. 
The pain starts suddenly and can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and photophobia (sensitivity to light).
To provide more nutrients to an area of ​​the brain, arterial vasodilation occurs that causes an increase in localized intracranial pressure.
Why a migraine, what is the biological sense? 

So that we stop thinking about the same situation, so that we stop that excessive mental activity.

At the head is our command center, from which we think, reason, make decisions, prevent unforeseen events, etc.
If for some reason beyond my control, I am forced to change direction or I feel that my routine is altered by something, that my expectations are not met, that something does not go as I want or someone interferes with what I have planned, what can happen to me? Well, a migraine.
We could say that migraine expresses my intolerance, my difficulty in adapting to changes, unforeseen events, that is, to everything that I do not expect.

The person with this symptom is not ready to accept frustration:

“I reject frustration, I always want everything to go as it should, I am never satisfied.”
“I always lack something to be well”
I can also cause a migraine when I devalue myself intellectually because I feel puzzled, confused by a problem or a danger that I do not finish digesting, that I do not accept and, in addition, I want to solve it with my mind, with reason.
“I devalue myself intellectually”, “I have to be more effective, develop my intellectual capacity to find a solution”
The person prone to migraine is usually very cerebral, intolerant, demanding, perfectionist, passionate, accumulates and assumes a lot of responsibility and does not accept their limits well.
He has the tendency to want to control and tries to find a mental solution to everything.
“I spend the day reflecting, I must find a solution with my head and sometimes, it is impossible”,
“I seek, with my imagination, solutions to all my problems, even if it is not in my power”,
“I feel guilty for not finding the right solution”
Stress migraines: They relate to my obsession of wanting to control and always looking for a solution to everything.

I can also cause a migraine due to my difficulty in making my decisions, since I go around and around things, but I do not take actions to change them.

“I must find a solution with my thoughts”
Meaning of migraine depending on the area where the pain occurs:
Weekend migraines: I have been hiding and accumulating stress throughout the week and when I relax, it shows up. “I have no right to happiness”
Premenstrual migraines: They can be related to devaluation as a woman or as a future mother.
“I am afraid of getting pregnant”, “I don’t feel up to it”
“I need to be very effective in what I do”, “I am unable”,
“I have too many things to do”,
“I must be very effective in what I do”
Ophthalmic or ocular migraines: These are often called “silent migraines” because they can occur with or without headaches.
They are characterized by disturbances in vision that occur in one eye.
What conflict do I have that affects my vision?

Can’t I see something or someone I need to see?

“I see things that I don’t understand and, therefore, I don’t want to see them.”
On the forehead: I feel devalued by a mental issue, but concrete and material.
Highest in the forehead: It can indicate devaluation not because of something material, but because of something that affects me at a superior level and that needs a higher level of evaluation.
Temporal zone: It tells me that I am experiencing an intellectual devaluation related to a real or symbolic “territory”.
It can also come from my concern for issues that have to do with the weather or issues regarding the future.

Occipital: A pain in this part of my head can refer to an intellectual devaluation due to unresolved things in my past or my concern about death.

Left front: Pain in this area almost always speaks of an intellectual devaluation that concerns the thyroid, that is, issues related to time.
Migraine can also affect those who continually feel forced to overcome oneself without taking into account their limitations or their real needs.
They can be individuals who have felt subjected to restrictions, impediments or obligations in the affective or family sphere. Consequently, they do not grant themselves the right to be what they want, to follow the desired direction.

They have doubts about their worth and believe that they “cannot” on their own and that is why they live attached to someone, although they are afraid of being handled and manipulated.

Migraine appears when they are terrified of being discovered that they have done something wrong, that is, that they live with constant restlessness so as not to disappoint others. 
To counteract that distress, they strive by working longer and harder than others, to gain approval.
It can also manifest itself in those people who have difficulties in their sexual life, such as repression, fear or rejection since childhood, and now they emerge to the surface. It is like a struggle, a tension between thoughts and sexuality, which causes the feeling that your head may explode.

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  1. Gerard

    ” I can’t see something or someone I don’t want to see.”
    What is exactly meant by that?
    Thank you for an extra explanation!

    1. Joman Romero

      Sorry, this is a translation error: I can’t see something or someone that I want or would like to see. Greetings.