FACE, emotional and spiritual meaning


The face is the first part of the Being that one presents to the world and based on it, people will make judgments and form impressions about what kind of person we are and, even, if we are pleasant or not.
Through the face we not only show our outward appearance, but also express a multitude of feelings, by looking, gestures, words and breath we show, our closed or open character, whether we are happy or sad, etc. 
Also what we receive, express and the images that we let see, all of this appears on the face.
Popular expressions show us various aspects of the face as a place of identity or expression.
“Losing face” means losing prestige, that is, it indicates a loss of pride or self-esteem.
“Show a good face”, (be kind); etc.

The problems in the face tell us about the difficulties we have with our image, what we are, what we represent, what we think others see in us.

If I have problems, it warns me that my image feels devalued because it has been dirty, stained, etc. or, for having received a “slap in the face.”
Accidents with injuries to the face express a deep questioning of my personal image.
The forehead symbolically reflects my way of “facing”, of “seeing ourselves confronted”, before a situation or before someone. It also represents my intellectual image.
The nose represents my image in relation to will and character.
Chin: Lower part of the face, from the jaw under the mouth.
The chin is the seat of emotion.

The emotion is marked by the trembling of the chin. He also tells me about a final separation due to a lie.

Cheeks: it is the place where my shame shows. There we caress, we kiss and we hit each other. “Turn the other cheek”, that is, allow ourselves to be treated badly, lose our honor or the respect of others.
Facial paralysis: it means that I feel paralyzed when it comes to expressing my being, I believe that I am not able to show myself as I am and that is why I control myself too much.
He talks to me about how I stood up for someone and they made me look bad.
It also warns me of blows received in the face (real or symbolic).
In the same way, it indicates to me that I have been able to lose my dignity, or that I have been teased or ridiculed.
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  1. Yamuna

    Hello Sir. I’ve been following the wisdom on your website to listen to my body and cure my diseases. Thank you so much for making your wisdom available to us.

    I have a bulge on my right cheek. I’ve been having it for about 20 years now. I have done a lot of innerwork around this but as of now, I’m yet to figure out the reason and cure my swollen right cheek. I would deeply appreciate any inputs you might have on this. Thank you 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    1. Joman Romero

      Hi Yamuna, you don’t mention if it’s a cyst or something similar. It is very difficult to give an opinion if there is no prior medical diagnosis.
      It is possible that the lump on your face was the result of receiving a blow (physical, a slap or a symbolic insult) that has damaged your self-image. The bulge may be the reaction of your unconscious to protect your face from other attacks.

      1. Yamuna

        Thank you. The docs didn’t know what it is. And I was slapped once as a child, so it could be that. A traditional medicine practitioner told me that my lymph system in the cheek is blocked and that’s why it is swollen.

        If it is in fact a protective mechanism, how can I heal it? Would really appreciate your insights on working with it to resolve it. Thanks so much 🙏🏻

  2. Lila

    Hello Mr Romero,

    I have learned so much by coming to read your writings, and I am deeply grateful. Thank you so much! This is confirmation there is a deeper meaning beyond physical manifestations. I have a question, about cheeks in particular, if I may,

    My mother has had large dark spots on her cheeks for many years, that seems to not respond to sunscreen / other topical treatments. I’ve seen it be called Hyperpigmentation. I have a similar thing around my chin/lips. I wonder why? I can’t seem to find much info on this. In any case, thank you so much. Best Regards

    1. Joman Romero

      Hello Lila, the dark spots represent conflicts of dishonor as a consequence of having had to “stand up” for someone.
      Feeling dishonored, dirty our image. Regards.

      1. Lila

        I understand , Thank you so much for your answer!