ABSCESSES, emotional and spiritual meaning

When a pocket of pus appears on the body, it indicates an emotional response of anger and/or pain. 
The accumulated pus inside is “the bad thing” or the harmful thing that has collected in that area of ​​the body during the conflict active phase and is now breaking down (thanks to the white blood cells).

The abscess is about the healing process of a mouthful that we have withheld.

It also warns us of our difficulty in expressing something.
Likewise, it indicates that we have accumulated anger (against ourselves or against others) due to a situation that we have experienced in a context of “attack-defense” or protection.
The party where it manifests itself or the infected organ will provide us with information on the issue of the conflict.
The abscess shows that something is inflamed and infected in us.

The person who suffers an abscess feels wounded in the deepest part of her being by an offense, infamy, disgrace, an affront that she has received and that forces her to live in a state of deep bitterness.

As a general rule, these people shy away from conflict out of fear, because they do not see it, or even because they refuse to acknowledge it, and they keep feeding a situation with thoughts of revenge that in the end ends up hurting themselves with an abscess.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
The most appropriate way to cure the abscess is bursting it so that what is locked up can come out, what has not been expressed and is retained within us.
While the person deals with curing his abscess, he needs to understand that everyone is absolutely responsible for what happens to him.
We should not blame anything or anyone for our events or circumstances, since what we believe comes from the outside to cause us discomfort are nothing other than projections from our unconscious of emotions that we have previously rejected and suppressed.

Whenever we react strongly to the stimuli that another person contributes, the wound was already latent inside and has surfaced at the conscious level so that we accept it, experience it and we can free ourselves from negative energy.

By accepting the fact we are accepting ourselves and by releasing the negative emotion the abscess will go away and will not come back.

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