Disease Comes From Yourself And You Don’t Realize It


We are the only species on the face of the Earth capable of transforming our biology through our thoughts and feelings.

Our cells are constantly watching our thoughts and are being modified by them.

A bout of depression can devastate our immune system; a state of serenity, in contrast, can fortify it tremendously.

Joyful and harmonious activity  can keep us healthy and prolong our life.

The memories of a negative or sad situation release the same hormones and biological destructive substances that stress does. Our cells are constantly processing all our experiences and metabolizing them according to our personal points of view.

As a result, our bodies are transformed as soon as we internalize our interpretations.

A depressed person, for example,  will project sadness throughout his or her entire body.

When depression occurs, the production of neurotransmitters from the brain are altered, hormone levels will vary, the sleep cycle is interrupted, the neuropeptide receptors on the outer surface of the skin cells are modified, blood platelets become more viscous and more likely to form lumps and even the tears will contain different chemical trails as those of joy.

This entire biochemical profile will change drastically once the person becomes calm and serene.

These facts confirm the great need to use our consciousness to create the bodies that we really need. The same way the aging process can be neutralized every day. Shakespeare was not being metaphorical when through his character Prosperous said:

“We are made of the same stuff as dreams”.

Do you want to know how is your body doing today? Then remember what your thoughts and emotions were yesterday.

Do you want to know how your body will be tomorrow? Observe your thoughts and emotions today!

Remember that when you open up your heart and your mind you will be avoiding a surgeon doing it for you.

The remedy is within you and you are not using it. Disease comes from yourself and you don’t realize it.

Hansart Ali

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