APNEA, emotional and spiritual meaning


Apnea is an involuntary breathing stop 15-20 seconds.The person that stops breathing, consciously or unconsciously, is blocking the flow of life.

Apnea is a symptom that those who deep in their unconscious feel or thinking that it is not worth living have. 

Usually, they are people that if you talk about death with them, they say they are “ready”, who have already lived long enough and could leave at any time without problem.
It is people who have lived or are living many anguish situations, either by heartbreaks, by constant lack of money, for a life without motivation.
Therefore, they “pretend” to die. “The dead” cannot be injured, nor killed (symbolically of course). “I am in extreme danger and no longer move”. “I play dead”
This is how the prey that hides so as not to be seen and thus prevent the predator from eating it.
It is an extreme survival solution. “If they believe me dead, they will not hurt me”

As this symptom generally occurs while resting, it is possible that the person who suffers has the belief that when he/she rests he/she is not living and prefers to be always moving.

There may be feelings of guilt when he/she is resting.
He/she is addicted to work, those who prefer working to resting.
Unconsciously, he/she brings an order that “resting is bad” it is negative, harmful, and therefore, he/she must avoid it. “I’ll rest when I’m dead”
We must search among our ancestors if there were any who were injured while sleeping or, perhaps, killed and that is why we snore and have difficulty breathing.
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