PARALYSIS, emotional and spiritual meaning:

The term refers to a deprivation paralysis or decreased sensory or motor function.
Disgruntled conflict, opposition to the movement, motor skills, lack of initiative or not knowing or not being able to find a way out.
What paralyzes me?
Many people with this disease feel well corralled by their family environment or the circumstances of life. 
They feel they cannot make decisions about one’s life,
it is not possible to go further because the circumstances or a particular person prevents it.
Things did not happen as they wish and are not able to react, rather they would like to escape without a trace. 
Have a conflict of lack of initiative or not find out.
“I do not know where to go”
“I’m paralyzed”

Paralysis may also indicate that the person does not accept their way of being, not freedom of action (arms) or motion (legs) is granted.

The part of the body is paralyzed bring us more about the existing problem.
When the engine problem occurs on the right side, the feeling is:
“I am compelled to act, but I want to be quiet and do nothing”.
If the left side is affected, it corresponds to a “prevented” gesture: 
“I would like to do something but I prevent this, do not allow myself to”
In biological lefthanders, it would be just the opposite.
On the legs, “conflict of not being able to escape” “If not already know where to go. Not knowing where to take it”
“In the arms and hands,” conflict of not being able to retain or reject”
In the back muscles and shoulders, “conflict cannot be avoided”

Cerebral Palsy: Being born with cerebral palsy or suffer at birth, indicates a warning to the mother “should not procreate”. 

As a congenital malformation is intended to cleanse the family tree because it is a highly toxic family. 
The mission of the child born so is to soften and bring the family, in an act of love. 
“I contribute to a united family life” 
“Achieving a family full of love and peace”.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
Only we ourselves can only limit and everyone can handle situations that arise in life.
Although we try to flee from conflict, thus not disappear; sooner or later we must face it.

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