MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS, emotional and spiritual meaning

It is a disease that affects the female pole, the sensitive aspect of the person and usually appears between the ages of 20 and 40.
Sclerosis can appear between six and twelve months after the traumatic shock has occurred.
The biological sense of sclerosis is to impede movement.

Well, because moving can be more dangerous than staying still, therefore, I don’t move.

Conflict of fear, devaluation and guilt related to a move that I must make.
I am afraid of falling down and not being able to get up or causing death.
It can refer to a real, literal fall, such as falling down a ladder, a building, a tower or something that can fall on my head, etc. It can also refer to a symbolic fall, such as a category fall at work, at the company, the fall of a project, the fall of a relationship, etc.
Also, with the aggravation of not being able to return to the place where I was.
“I can’t get up”, “I can’t make my business float”,
“I’ve fallen so low that I won’t be able to regain my previous position”,
“I won’t be able to get my marriage back up again”
How can I sink so low?

In the same way, multiple sclerosis can also develop after a devaluation by wanting to perform a movement and not being able to do it, either because of fear or because I am conditioned by someone or something.

“In my family, I am not allowed to have plans to leave; they do not let me be”, “It is forbidden to grow up, I must continue to be a mother’s or father’s child”, “I cannot comment, I cannot participate, I cannot decide, I am not mature”, “I am the arms, legs, etc. from my mother or father, I only fulfil their projects”, “I cannot move, because if I move the clan perishes or becomes ill”, “I want to move and they prevent me from moving” “If I move, I die, but if I don’t move, I also die”, “If I leave the house, I am in danger,” “I want to be here, but I also want to be there”
I am very afraid that they will “abandon me”, that someone will leave my side and I may fall. I want someone to take care of me, but pride makes me, try hard not to look like I’m dependent.
“One part of me wants to heal and the other does not”,
“I do not want to heal so that someone is still by my side”
What would happen if I heal?

If nothing of the aforementioned has happened in our life, we must resort to the period called Sense Project.:

When there are difficulties in the couple’s relationship and the mother is afraid that the husband will leave home, the baby identifies with the wishes of his mother and was born with the project of preventing the father from leaving, not making any movement that can be painful.
“I am his arms, his legs.”
Finally, if we do not find any cause, we must find out in the genealogical tree, in the Transgenerational: there are many cases of multiple sclerosis that have their origin in the family tree.
In this case, descendants come to “repair” the death of an ancestor, with whom they have an affinity, who died while being a prisoner or having had to endure forced and unjustified confinement or have died as a result of a dangerous movement or displacement, such as an accident, hit-and-run, etc.
According to the part of the body where immobility is manifested:
In right-handed men or left-handed women: “I want to go abroad, I can’t or they won’t let me”
In left-handed men and right-handed women: “I don’t want to go out and they force me”
Right paralysis: “They force me to move”
Left paralysis: “I want to move and they won’t let me”
If immobility affects the arms:
It indicates that I want to take, accept or reject something or someone and I cannot do it.
For example, in case of harassment, abuse, rape, etc.

It can also be related to hurting and even accidentally killing someone.

If it affects the eyes:
It is related to having seen someone leave against his will, without being able to do anything.
When immobility manifests itself in the neck:
It is to avoid dying, killing or not fighting.
We must always look for a “ghost” (deceased) of the clan that accompanies us.
When it affects the legs:
It means that I need to move my legs and I feel powerless to do so.
I do not find that they are efficient to achieve what I want. In relation to flee, following or accompanying.
Not finding a way out or not knowing where to start.
This disease usually affects, generally, people of an intransigent character, with very rigid ideas and opinions.

He is the type of individual who wants everything to be perfect and, because of this, puts a lot of demands on himself.

He tries to control everything and pretends that things happen the way he wants.
He refuses to be wrong and pride hardly allows him to accept help. He is terrified of failure.
On the issues that concern him, they do not even allow a discussion, rather, they maintain his point of view in a rigid and definitive way, with which they appear as very incomprehensible.
This loss of sensitivity, both physical and spiritual, makes them very “hard” people, both with themselves and with others.
On some occasions they may seem like open-minded, friendly individuals who try to please everyone, but it is only an appearance.
Deep down, he still has a hard heart that makes him unattainable.
In short, the multiple sclerosis patients have fallen into a deep “isolation by hardening” that prevents him from connecting to life.

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    Seems accurate. Thanks.

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    I resonate with this interpretation and could add more depth to it. It seems more wholesome than the metaphysical interpretations of ms that have been kicking around. I would like to know more about the Interpreter but I don't speak Spanish. Do you teach and whereabouts do you live in Spain?? thanks. Anne

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    You hit the Nail on the Head! Wow and THANK YOU! This is liberating, eye-opening MEDICINE for the Soul and the combating of perceived Illness.
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    I am very glad I came across this post and stopped to read it from beginning to end, as it left on a very positive note. I was in the beginning of my own journey with MS and the depression it's was giving me was unbearable , I found some encouragement from several blogs and last year in seeing Rochelle make her personal goals after overcoming the disease with natural medicine I have to tried it also .I’ve kind of resigned to the fact that this is how life will be for me back until I found herbs that stop this multiple sclerosis easily and relief all the Fatigue and other symptoms I was experiencing ,I’m passing this info to anyone at there because ww w .multivitamincare .org has the right cure and caregiver to this disease ….I took various supplements, medicine prescribed by neurologist,massage and physiotherapy still the disease is was progressing very fast until the the MS formula from that caregiver .