ESOPHAGUS, emotional and spiritual meaning

The esophagus is located at the beginning of the digestive system and joins the pharynx with the stomach. It is the step for food to be digested. It is a relatively passive organ.

Once I have caught the “mouthful” with my mouth, now I need to “swallow” it and that is what this organ is for.

The mouthful can be anything, not just food, it can be maternal or paternal love, a couple’s love, it can be money, words, deeds, objects, plans, circumstances, etc.
What is it that I cannot swallow? It may be something that I am living that I do not accept and it gets stuck in my throat,
I cannot “swallow” it or, perhaps, it refers to a bite that I have to swallow, which I consider to be for me, but in the last minute, they take it  out of my mouth. 
My wish has not been fulfilled. I have wanted something, but I have not obtained it and it is something that I wanted above all else, and it bothers me a lot, it causes me great anger, but I do not express it. 
“That job, money, inheritance, vacations, etc. that I expected did not reach me”
Top: discomfort indicates that I have “swallowed” something but by force.

He warns me that I do not want or cannot advance the mouthful that I have swallowed;

I have the feeling that it has gotten stuck in my throat. 
“They have made me swallow toads and snakes”,
“I have no choice but to swallow something and I would like to get rid of it, I reject it. I’d rather swallow something else”
What is it that I cannot swallow or do not accept in my life? What are they trying to force me to swallow? Perhaps it could be the reproaches, the criticisms?
Bottom: I express my difficulty in being able to eat what is on the plate, my eyes are bigger than my stomach”, “I never have enough”.
It can also warn me of my fear that someone will take what I have on my plate”. “The mouthful can still escape me” I must not waste anything; I have to take advantage of everything!

In the same way, it can indicate to me that I cannot enjoy the ingested bite, for example: an inheritance, a job, a car, etc.

Conflict of not wanting to eat what is imposed on us as food.
Motor skills of the esophagus: “I want and, at the same time, I don’t want to swallow, make the bite descend”.
Esophageal Achalasia: Tells me about a toxic mouthful that I have taken or will not be able to digest. Or, also that I have swallowed a bite without really wanting to swallow it, or that I felt forced to swallow it.
The sphincters are also related to the father: “The father prevents the mother from feeding the child.”
Conflict of swallowing something by force (opinions, judgments, decisions …).
The conflict usually manifests itself in a situation in which “it is bad if we do not swallow and it is bad if we swallow.”
The esophagus can also be affected when the person resists or rejects new ideas, especially those that do not come from them. He has a very strong internal critical attitude that prevents him from giving in and letting his heart speak.

Esophageal varices:they tell me that “I have swallowed something” (real or symbolic) and because of it, I cannot go home. Swallowing can be related to living something, accepting something, experiencing something, etc.

“I can’t go home because I agreed to change jobs, even though I made a mistake”, “Now I can’t go home because I tried to become independent, even though I made a mistake”, “I am not willing to depend on another member of the clan to feed me”
Spasmas: I don´t want to swallow that mouthful. I have the sensation of having to swallow my words or fear for having said too much.
Barrett´s esophagus; Warns me of a great territorial grudge. “I can´t swallow that mouthful”.

Esophageal cancer: it can manifest itself when I have wanted to “swallows something”, a house, a car, a job, etc. and, at the last moment, I have lost it or have not been able to swallow it…

It can also happen to me when I have been forced to “swallow something” that, I would have preferred to “spit”.
“We must not waste, I must take everything”
Every time I feel that feeling of “not being able to swallow”,
I will have to look for that experience that disappointed me, that bothered me, something that I heard, that I saw, that which they made me that I do not tolerate, that I do not accept, to try to express in a conscious way and be able to reverse the situation trying to get or recover what is ours.

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