HEAD, emotional and spiritual meaning

At the head is our command center, from which we think, reason, make decisions, prevent unforeseen events, etc.
The head is the organ that most quickly reacts to pain.
When I do not accept certain thoughts, ideas or feelings because they annoy or distress me; when I feel upset or pressured in my family or professional world; when I am excessively worried or stressed; all these tensions will manifest in my body through headaches or migraines.
When the pain is located in the forehead it indicates that something of the future worries me and my impatience overwhelms me. I have a tendency to want to control everything.
I have a hard time understanding things, I have little concentration and a total indifference to learn, grow, change.

All the time I repeat to myself that this is not for me, that I will never be able to do this or that thing, that I am stupid, that I am slow, etc.

I need others to be patient with me; I need others to teach me at my own pace.
I try too hard to understand, to capture as much information as possible, without giving myself time to reflect and assimilate.
I am a smart person, but I boycott myself.
“That does not fit me, I do not understand”, “The computer is not my thing”, “I think the same as you”, “As you say”

The pain in the neck indicates that we feel incapable of expressing our desires, ideas, concepts, etc.; that we have many difficulties to transform them into acts.

This part of my head can also hurt when I find myself living in a situation that puts me under strong pressure.
It happens to cerebral, rational people, with a desire for power, who only give importance to the intellect.
At the same time there may be muscular tension in some part of the body; shoulders, neck and spine.
A headache can also appear in the back of my neck when I am in a conflictive or uncomfortable situation and I do not want to face it directly.

The headaches on top of it appear as self-punishment when we are angry with ourselves for not living up to our own demands.

Something has happened where I have not been able or have not been myself, I have not been able to decide or I have acted differently from how I always act. We devalue ourselves and accuse ourselves of not being smart enough.
“What I said was not right”, “As much as I think about it, I can’t find the correct answer”, “I’m distracted; I don’t know where my head is”, “I’m very stupid, hard-headed”
Headache with a throbbing sensation or that will explode: it means that I am a spiteful person, that I live hiding from others what I really feel, think, and want.
I live in fear of being judged or criticized by others.

I never want to look less, look stupid, look poor, and look lazy. I live pretending what I am not for fear that they will not accept or love me as I am.

“They will realize”,
“Be strong and calm”,
“I am very calm”
Front: it warns me that I feel frontal fear; the threat comes from the front.
I resist what I must face. It can be linked to the parent.
Frontal: Skull bone located in the forehead. It indicates to me that I devalue myself intellectually for spending all day pondering and not finding the solution.

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